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The Average American Eats A Pound Of Honey Per Year What Does This Mean For The Honey Industry?

Mar 26 2018

Beekeeping equipment

Where would we be without bees?

Far worse off, that’s for sure. We wouldn’t have the fruits we need to eat a full and healthy diet. Countless plant and flower species would struggle to bloom. Even now we’re seeing the impact that a dip in the honeybee population can cause, causing many to wonder just where we’ll be in the next decade. This is where the bee hive smoker comes into play. More people than ever are learning about beekeeping for beginners to work alongside these miraculous creatures and instill some of the goodness that’s being lost in the dying population.

Fun Facts About Bees

What do you know about bees? Likely their incredible flight speeds and painful

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Why Ice Cream Is So Popular

Mar 21 2018


Everyone loves ice cream, particularly in the United States. From ice cream containers to ice cream flavors, the ice cream industry is nothing if not prosperous. In fact, every two weeks nearly half of all Americans (around 40%) will eat some type of ice cream at least once. Over the course of one calendar year, the average person in the United States eats ice cream nearly thirty times, be it at an ice cream parlor or out of take home ice cream containers. Ice cream containers provide an easy way to get your ice cream fix, as they can be purchased at nearly every store that

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Juicer Makers, Juice Bars, and Everything In Between

Mar 12 2018

Sugarcane juicer

According to famous and very popular website, one four-ounce serving of 100% fruit juice equals one serving of fruit. 100% fruit juices are filled with the same nutrients that can be found in whole fruit. This is the number one reason why the commercial juice machine is so popular now amongst American consumers.

There are more vegans and vegetarians than ever before. This is due to a number of different reasons. One of them, as previously mentioned, involves the popularity and rise of the commercial juice machine is one of the reasons why. There are so many people that are using these machines to keep themselves happy.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends several cups of fruits and vegetables per day, but roughly 70% of Americans don’t meet these daily recommendations. However

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Three Reasons BBQ is a Great Choice for Your Catered Event

Mar 08 2018
Birthday party

There’s no comfort food like a BBQ. If you’re planning an office party, a birthday party, or just hankering for some ribs, read on to learn why the next event catering you order should be BBQ.

BBQ Offers Something for Everyone

Good BBQ will offer all kinds of meat. You can get slow cooked ribs, chicken, brisket, and even smoked turkey in some places. Barbecue sauces come in every flavor you can imagine, from smoky to sweet to killer spicy. You’re sure to please all your guests: even the vegetarians and vegans! Good BBQ catering offers plenty of options for them because BBQ is

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How Materials Are Packaged in Our Modern Times

Mar 07 2018

Food packaging distributors

Packing is very important to many Americans. When you walk into a store, what do you look for? You probably go straight to the aisles full of food that you already know you enjoy. You pick up the necessities and so much more. But, when you’re looking to buy something completely new that you have never tried before, what do you turn to? 52% of people say that they make a lot of their purchases due to packaging that shows that companies are making a positive social and environmental impact. Everybody is looking for a little positivity in their lives.

How Packaging Companies Change Your Shopping Experience

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