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Purchasing a Hydroponic Cloning Machine to Help with Your Cannabis Growing Business

Jun 12 2018

One of the few trends in alternative medicine that have managed to grab the attention of many in recent times is the interest in medical marijuana. While a number of states in the country have legalized the use and prescription of medical marijuana and more states are currently considering it, the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been in effect all over the world for quite some time. Studies demonstrating its beneficial effects have also been carried out and a number of people have found relief in the face of painful health conditions through its use. If you are currently engaged in the cultivation of cannabis, you would definitely find a large market for marijuana products that help people live a better life. With the right tools in hand and the right processes in place, you can definitely enhance the quality and quantity of the cannabis you produce through the use of helpful tools like grow supplies and hydroponic cloning machines.

Whenever you are dealing with plants,

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A Look At The Popularity Of Alcoholic Beverages In The United States

Jun 08 2018

There are many points in life where having an alcoholic beverage is acceptable and can even enhance your enjoyment of the moment. From a glass of red wine with a fancy dinner to a beer at a baseball game or barbecue, drinking is part of American culture. From mixed drinks on a night out on the town to a hard cider on a day at the pumpkin patch or even growler fills at a local craft brewery, total alcoholic beverage sales in the United States alone total more than two hundred and nineteen billion dollars – per year. It is estimated that just over ninety seven million people in the United States consume alcohol to varying degrees, and more than thirteen million pre mixed cocktails alone are consumed every two weeks (not even accounting for other popular varieties of alcohol).

Though there are many places wher

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3 Epic Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Eating Popcorn

Jun 04 2018

Popcorn has been around for a very long time. In fact, kernels found in caves in Mexico in 1948 date back almost 5,600 years. But that’s not the only reason popcorn is amazing. As it turns out, popcorn can actually be good for you. Not just a less-bad-for-you snack than a bag of potato chips, but actually good for your health.

Here’s why.

What Calories?

Even though there are hundreds of popcorn flavors, there are barely any calories. There’s this connotation about popcorn that makes everyone feel guilty for eating it, but that has nothing to do with the popcorn itself — just the stuff they put on it. A small serving of air-popped popcorn only has about 30 calories. It should be noted though, that movie theater popcorn doesn’t have to be incredibly bad for you. Sure, because it’s popped with oil and butter, it’s not going to be the best choice you’ve made recently, but the kernels themselves still have health properties, which we’ll cover momentarily.

Nutritional Value

Hold on to your hats people, this one may shock you: popcorn can potentially be healthier for you than vegetables. Scientists have found polyphenols in popcorn, which are compounds normally found in fruits and vegetables. Polyphenols behave like antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and can be extremely good for your health. Fruits and vegetables’ polyphenol concentration is quite low since their composition is mostly water and therefore the compounds are diluted. Popcorn, however, is only 4% water and thus has very strong concentrations of polyphenol compounds.

As a side note, even though popcorn takes the crown in this category, fruits and vegetables provide many other nutrients that popcorn does not. You shouldn’t substitute popcorn for fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Disease Prevention

The polyphenols in popcorn have another super trait: they fight cancer. Polyphenols hinder the cancer cells’ ability to spread throughout the body by blocking the enzymes that the cancer cells need for growth. Normally fruits and vegetables would be the main source of cancer-fighting polyphenols, but now that you know about popcorn you can fight cancer and enjoy your late night snack at the same time.

There are other reasons why popcorn is good for you, and infinitely more reasons why you should eat it (number one being that it tastes good). Many stores offer variations of popcorn flavors such as gourmet popcorn, kettle corn popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, and a whole lot of other popcorn flavors and varieties. What are you waiting for? Get your healthy snack on today.