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Is There a Right Way to Serve Wine?

Mar 27 2019

As many people have long suspected, there is a right way and a wrong way to drink wine. Learning how to pour wine, what are the right glasses to use with each kind of wine, the temperature at which it should be served, whether it should be decanted or not – all of this is not just esoteric wine lore but actually makes the wine taste a lot better. With this in mind, here’s a very brief introduction to how to drink wine the right way.

A growing trend
The number of wineries and wine drinkers continues to grow every year in the U.S. This trend is driven by millennials, who consumed as much as 42% of all wine drunk in the country in 2015, according to USA Today. That comes to around 159.6 cases of wine. Millennials are also willing to pay more for a bottle of wine, and as many as 17% admitted to buying a $20 bottle

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Considering The Use Of Reclaimed Wood Here In The United States

Mar 10 2019

Wood is a popular material both here in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world as a whole. After all, wood has a great many uses, and is an incredibly durable material to boot. Wood elements in homes have even been known to last for 100 years and beyond, provided that they are well maintained, well cared for, and provided with protection from the elements. From wood paneling to wood floors, there is no shortage to the ways in which woods – particularly hardwoods – can be applied throughout our world.

Hardwood floors and other hardwood elements can even help to sell a home, especially if they are new additions. After all, the data more than backs this up, showing that more than half of all prospective home buyers (around 54% of them, to be just a little bit more exact) will actually pay more for a home that has wood floors incorporated within it. For many people, hardwood floors are ideal and not just from the purposes of longevity but from the purposes of cr

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The Amazing Role of the Plastic Spoon in the Ice Cream Business

Mar 04 2019

Frozen desserts including ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert, sorbet, and gelato are the most sought after treats in the country. Regardless of the state or region, Americans love their frozen desserts and will go out for a treat anytime of year for nearly any reason.

Americans have been raised on ice cream. It is eaten to celebrate achievements and milestones big and small. It is eaten to comfort those that are hurt or heartbroken. It is eaten to cool off on a hot day, enjoy the outdoors, and finish off a picnic. There is no limit to the reasons Americans will choose to go out for ice cream.

As a result of this national obsession, frozen dessert businesses have exploded across the country. Inventive entrepreneurs are constantly finding new and different ways to prepare and serve everyone’s favorite dessert items.

Some have gone for practical; finding more practical ways to serve ice cream, so people can enjoy it while not hindering them from other activities. Other co

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The Best Supplies for Your Ice Cream Business

Mar 03 2019

Do you own an ice cream shop, or are you considering opening one? If you answered yes then you should hear about all of the awesome supplies that Uniq has to offer you. Their eco-friendly, colorful, and customizable ice cream supplies will make a wonderful addition to your business and help to promote your shop’s brand and design.

Custom Ice Cream Cups

These eco-friendly custom dessert cups are a great way to add flare to your business. You can get cups made with your shop’s logo on them or come up with other cool designs that you feel represent your business.

Paper Straws

If you will be selling things like root beer floats or shakes, you should consider Uniq’s paper straws. Not only are they better for environment than plastic straws, but they come in different fun designs. You can pick the look that best fits your shop and some excitement to the dessert drinks you offe

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