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Catering Your Special Event the Right Way

May 09 2018

Planning a special event can be an exciting, interesting endeavor. Yet as for how enthralling it can be — taking the time to consider the location, event aesthetic, and more — it can similarly prove to be stressful. Unless you have background in the food industry and/or food knowledge, it can be difficult to structure event menus. So what is it that goes into constructing special event menus, and what should you know about the process?

First of all, constructing a menu for your event particularly depends upon the type of event you are having — menu for weddings will be very different from corporate menus. You need to consider the formality of your event, along with its location. Menus for a wedding can tend to be more exciting/different than corporate event menus: Think of your guest list and the type of people you are catering to.

In the case of

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