Catering Your Special Event the Right Way

Planning a special event can be an exciting, interesting endeavor. Yet as for how enthralling it can be — taking the time to consider the location, event aesthetic, and more — it can similarly prove to be stressful. Unless you have background in the food industry and/or food knowledge, it can be difficult to structure event menus. So what is it that goes into constructing special event menus, and what should you know about the process?

First of all, constructing a menu for your event particularly depends upon the type of event you are having — menu for weddings will be very different from corporate menus. You need to consider the formality of your event, along with its location. Menus for a wedding can tend to be more exciting/different than corporate event menus: Think of your guest list and the type of people you are catering to.

In the case of a rural wedding — vineyard, ranch, or farm — the more you’ll have to rely on outside catering services. This means that you’ll need to rely on menus that can work around inefficient kitchen facilities, prep stations, and equipment. Similarly, when considering your outdoor wedding event menus, aim for a menu that fits the venue: A wedding at a vineyard should feature the vineyards wine, of which should be paired to simple, cocktail-hour rustic food items — antipasto skewers with a grape tomato or mozzarella balls and an olive drizzled with a fresh basil olive oil. Menus for outdoor events and catering should be plated and pre-ordered, making it simpler for preparation and presentation to guests.

Similar to outdoor events, consider the type of event that you are event you are hosting. How do you want the event menus to pair with the style and message of the event? If you’re hosting an event that will be high-class and bourgeois, consider going for a classic, 1920s-inspired theme. Such menus and stylization can most easily be portrayed by The Great Gatsby, presenting guests with tea sandwiches, champagne towers, and champagne cocktails — light food and drink that is easy to be presented with elegance, allowing for socialization without the worry of heavy food or highly-alcoholic drinks.

For younger crowds, event menus that feature organic, make-your-own food bars provide guests with a sense of personalized connection to their food. Having organic and sustainable ingredients available with make guests feel comfortable, understanding that their food has been ethically sourced, easing their minds while not having to worry about their diets; make your own food bars will allow guests to personalize their food, making their own food items from guacamole bars, taco bars, or sundae bars.

While considering desserts, talk with your caterer to produce event menus that offer delicious, unique items. More often than not, weddings and corporate events will tend to end their menus on cake, which isn’t a bad option, but sometimes cake is just too rich and too dense. Instead, consider ending the night on something a bit more elegant and distinctive, such as cupcakes, crepes, macarons, and more. This will catch the eye of your guests, allowing them to appreciate the lighter fare rather than worrying about finishing a large piece of cake off.

Take the time to meet with a caterer and construct the perfect menu for your special event. Both you and your guests will be pleased with the delicious outcome.

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