A-Maize-ingly Great Gift Ideas for Every Popcorn Lover

Popcorn can be the preferred choice of many expert snackers and isn’t just a treat for theater patrons.

Though popcorn is commonly associated with movie theaters and sometimes sports events, only 30% of popcorn is consumed in places other than the home.

That doesn’t mean you can only eat at home or in a theater, however. There are numerous occasions to not only eat popcorn but to gift it as well.

Most people are familiar with gourmet popcorn gifts, but a good edible gift of popped corn doesn’t always have to be gourmet. There are numerous occasions to get creative with your popcorn gifts.

Movie Basket

No, not to take to the movies — for home movies. With all the cinephiles in the world who watch endless hours of film at their own abode, a movie gift basket can be quite the gift. Fill the basket with a few of their favorite films and a night’s worth of popcorn. You can do a variety pack with a couple of different flavors or just pick their favorite and load them up.

About Ready to Pop

Going to a baby shower or gender reveal party? Bring along a gift basket with pink or blue colored popcorn in honor of the new addition. You can add other items to the basket as well such as pacifiers, teething rings, or other gifts for the baby. Make sure mommy knows that popcorn is all hers, though.

Thank You For Your Service

Is someone you know serving their country? Maybe you’re just trying to boost the spirit of the troops. In either case, popcorn is lightweight and inexpensive to ship (not to mention delicious), making it a great care package for the men and women serving the country.

College Dinner

If your child, niece, nephew, or whoever is starting off their journey into higher education, then they’re about to go on the college diet: whatever, whenever. Long nights of studying can mean they don’t get to the cafeteria or have to order in. Enough popcorn for a semester and a few energy drinks is a great sending-off gift for any college student.

Gift giving can be difficult; make it simple by giving the gift that everyone loves (even if it’s a little corny).

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