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A Look At The World Of Candy In The United States

Apr 12 2019

From retro candy to gummy candy to mint candy to soft candy to even just tootsie rolls, there are many, many types of candy out there and waiting to be consumed. After all, everyone like different types of candy and having so many varieties has been beneficial for the industry producing this candy as a whole. Without candy like retro candy and beyond, our eating habits would be very different indeed. The data backs this up, showing that just about everyone and anyone is in love with candy – at least some type of it.

In fact, a single person in the United States is actually likely to eat a total of 25 pounds of candy over the course of just one single year. Up to one quarter of all people living in this country will also eat at least one piece of candy every single day, if not more than just the one. And candy consumption, while popular among all ages, is much more prevalent among the population of children, who will eat up to four pieces of hard candies and chewy types of candy (l

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