A Look At The World Of Candy In The United States

From retro candy to gummy candy to mint candy to soft candy to even just tootsie rolls, there are many, many types of candy out there and waiting to be consumed. After all, everyone like different types of candy and having so many varieties has been beneficial for the industry producing this candy as a whole. Without candy like retro candy and beyond, our eating habits would be very different indeed. The data backs this up, showing that just about everyone and anyone is in love with candy – at least some type of it.

In fact, a single person in the United States is actually likely to eat a total of 25 pounds of candy over the course of just one single year. Up to one quarter of all people living in this country will also eat at least one piece of candy every single day, if not more than just the one. And candy consumption, while popular among all ages, is much more prevalent among the population of children, who will eat up to four pieces of hard candies and chewy types of candy (like many a type of retro candy) for every one that an adult will eat.

This can likely be attributed to the abiding love for chocolate that many adults have, especially when you consider that chocolate makes up as much as half of the typical adult’s candy consumption over the course of the aforementioned year. This means that the average adult is actually eating more than ten pounds of chocolate on a yearly basis, more even than twelve pounds of the stuff.

After all, more than two and a half billion pounds of chocolate alone are consumed by people of all ages all throughout the United States – and all within the span of just one single year. Chocolate does come in many different forms, making it quite widely appealing to a large population. For instance, dark chocolate and white chocolate are at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, some people like both while some people only like one. And still others like neither, preferring something like milk chocolate. And all types of chocolate can be infused with other candies and flavors, from fruit to caramel and beyond.

And chocolate is certainly not the only type of popular candy, as all encompassing as it might be. Retro candy, for instance, has grown more and more popular in recent years. This retro candy not only tastes good, of course, but is quite nostalgic as well, bringing many a person back to their carefree childhood days. Retro candy always encompasses a good deal of variety and you might even find some types of retro candy you’ve never tried before – but enjoy thoroughly.

And there are many occasions where the consumption of candy such as chocolate or even retro candy is more than appropriate. For instance, wedding candy bars are becoming more and more popular all throughout the country. Any given wedding candy bar will look different from the next, of course, as people have all different kinds of tastes when it comes to candy. These candies can serve as a thank you candy gift of sorts, a way for the newly married couple to thank their guests for attending their special day.

Giving candy on holidays is also common, from white mint candy to retro candy and beyond as well, of course. For instance, Valentine’s Day is a big candy giving holiday for people of all ages. Kids give various types of candy to one another, often at school, along with cards and other small trinkets. Adults also give candy, typically chocolates, as a sign of romantic affections. These chocolates can be enjoyed together or separately, as there is certainly no one right or wrong way to celebrate such a holiday. You might even decide to buy the chocolates for yourself and skip the middle man (so to speak).

At the end of the day, there is no denying that candy of all types of hugely popular all throughout the country. From retro candy to thank you candies to tootsie roll candy, the list extends ever onward into the future.

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