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Have a Beautiful, Fun, Memorable Wedding at the Local Brewery or Winery

Jun 18 2019

With over 44,000 weddings taking place across the United States every weekend, there is a value in having every location work as a wedding location. And a brewery can serve as an entertaining and memorable spot for your big day. With almost $220 billion spent annually on alcohol in the United States, these breweries and other spots like wineries, are well in preparation to work with the special requests you have for your reception and even your wedding service as well.

A Brewery or Winery as a Wedding Location

Determining the wedding liquor list can be a challenge, and many guests often want there to be an open bar. This makes a brewery or winery a great option for a fun and enthusiastic crowd like those crazy family and friends who want to have a blast at your wedding. Especially if you are trying to plan a wedding quickly, a more casual option like the local breweries and wineries can be

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How to Select the Best Craft Beer

May 15 2019

With the increasing number of beer brands in the marketing, there is a wide variety of craft beer to choose from. This is the reason why it is not surprising that you will often see people moving to different wine stores in Delaware looking for their best local brew. However, a lot of beer enthusiasts still do not know what to look for when sampling different brands of delaware craft beer. Only a few people have mastered the art of trying different types of beer before choosing the local brew that best suits their taste and preference. If you are the kind of person who prefers to explore your local brew but has probably faced disappointments because of wrong recommendations, below are some few tips on how to select the best craft beer.

Ask for the Beer List
When looking for liquor for wedding or any other event, always try to be hands-on regarding the whole process. Once you get into a bar,

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