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Month: October 2018

How to Protect Your Natural Reclaimed Wood Products

October 26, 2018

Heavy, muddy winter boots. An overly zealous Golden Retriever with nails that are due for a trimming. Years of exposure to the setting sun from your kitchen’s west windows. Countless dropped ceramic mugs, and a toddler with a habit of chucking toys off the dining table. If you lead a busy life with an active […]

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Four Ways That Having Brunch Can Benefit Your Health

October 17, 2018

It’s a tradition that’s beloved by churchgoers, young and old and families alike: the Sunday brunch. Whether you’re looking for a meal of eggs and bacon, a stack of pancakes with real maple syrup, fruit, your favorite sandwich or a little bit of dessert, brunch offers something for everyone. Not only is the food delicious, […]

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Seven Ways To Pick The Best Furniture For Your Restaurant

October 17, 2018

Opening a restaurant can be a wonderful experience as it’s a great way to pursue passions in food and business. But a restaurant is a lot more than just serving delicious food. Believe it or not, furniture can also play a big part in a restaurant’s success. There are currently more than 14 billion home […]

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The Popularity of Barbecuing From Authentic Styles to Popular Grills and Smokers

October 15, 2018

People throughout the United States enjoy eating barbecued and smoked meats for a variety of occasions. While some individuals may barbecue throughout the year, others do so on holidays such as the 4th of July and Memorial Day. National Barbecue Day, which falls on the 13th of July, is also a reason for celebrating this […]

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Make Your Ice Cream Store Stand Out With Beautiful Custom Cups

October 9, 2018

We know how hard you have worked to make your ice cream shop or frozen yogurt store stand out from the crowd. We know it isn’t easy and that it feels like there is a new competitive shop opening every other weekend, but there are a few things that you can do to stand out […]

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