Seven Ways To Pick The Best Furniture For Your Restaurant

Opening a restaurant can be a wonderful experience as it’s a great way to pursue passions in food and business. But a restaurant is a lot more than just serving delicious food. Believe it or not, furniture can also play a big part in a restaurant’s success.

There are currently more than 14 billion home looks on Pinterest-a category that has grown 75 percent since 2017. It’s a safe bet there are millions of restaurant design options available as well. When it comes to choosing the best furniture for your restaurant, here are several helpful tips:

  • Match the menu: Ultimately you want you restaurant to stand out for its delicious food, but looking at the whole picture your restaurant tells a story. From the décor to the food to the furniture, your restaurant evokes a certain atmosphere or certain emotions. Whether you’re going for a cozy atmosphere or a trendy atmosphere, make sure that the furniture helps evoke the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  • Make it Easy: If owning and running a restaurant is a long term goal for you, consider how your furniture will hold up. If you have a seasonal business, how will your furniture hold up in storage. Whether you’ve got foldable chairs, upholstered chairs or something else, make things easy with furniture that’s easy to store and easy to clean.
  • Mix it Up: Depending on the size of your restaurant, consider creating a few different areas in the available space. Maybe you want to create a cocktail/lounge area with rustic furniture. Maybe you want to create a family-style area with a style of classic steel ladderback chair. Maybe you want to have a split between tables and booths. If you have lots of space to fill, don’t be afraid to mix things up.
  • Choose Durability: Running a restaurant isn’t a cheap endeavor and if it’s a long term venture it pays to invest in quality. Again, depending on the look you’re going for, if you go for cheap furniture, it might give the impression to customers that the restaurant is cheap. Whether you’re choosing wood tables, a style of classic steel ladderback chair or metal tables, take the time to invest in quality.
  • Plan: Before you go putting in furniture, take time to draw up a floor plan that will optimize your restaurant space. Make sure to plan for major traffic points such as between the kitchen and the room, the entrance to the restaurant or between the tables. At the end of the day you want to make it easier for customers and staff to be able to move around.
  • Think About The Customer: If you can understand the needs of your customers, that will help your restaurant be successful. Take time to analyze the needs of your customer, looking at price range, cuisine and what would make them comfortable. Will your customers need chair cushioning? Should the height of your restaurant tables be a height that allows easier accessibility for customers? Should there be seating options available for elderly customers or children?
  • Set the Mood: It may be a little silly to think about whether a classic steel ladderback chair goes with a wooden table, but the furniture you choose for your restaurant can make a big difference. Large round tables make evoke a more intimate setting. Long tables might evoke a trendy feel to your restaurant. Again, depending on the mood and feel you’re going for, take time to make sure the furniture fits what you’re going for. If you take the time to find furniture that fits the décor, your customers will appreciate it.

Whether you’re considering a classic steel ladderback chair, reclaimed wood seats, rustic furniture or environmentally friendly tables, picking the right furniture will help your restaurant stand out and give off the vibe you’re looking for to attract customers.

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