3 Event Catering Ideas for Planning a Delicious Catered Meal

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Are you planning to host an event and need event catering ideas? At any event, the food can either be the star or the thing people remember not being as good as it could have been. You want to make sure that your dinner catering menu meets and exceeds the expectations of all your guests. Whether this is your first time planning an event or you are simply hoping to create a better food catering menu than your last event, there are plenty of ways to cater a delicious meal.

Interested in learning more about how to avoid a disastrous catered meal at your big event? Keep reading for more information about things to consider when deciding on your menu and finding good caterers.

3 Event Catering Ideas for Planning a Delicious Catered Meal

When it comes to a catered meal, you can?t control what happens during the cooking of each item. You can, however, do everything possible to make sure you find the best caterer and you decide on the right food items to order. Making these decisions may be tricky if you don?t know much about catered foods for large events. Here are three tips and event catering ideas to help you navigate planning a catered meal for your big events.

1. Foods to avoid ordering

When planning a catered meal, you have to think critically about the various options. While you may prefer certain foods, you have to consider what the majority would most enjoy eating rather than considering your personal preferences. In addition to that, you need to consider that even some majority favorites aren?t the best for a formal event. You don?t want anyone to feel too full or sluggish after eating any course of the meal.

Some things to consider keeping off the menu are heavy cream sauces, fatty meats like pork chops, and anything that is deep-fried. Even if it?s just an appetizer or a side dish, avoid these additions to your menu. Alternatives you could opt for in place of those items are things like skewers that mix together flavors with tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Another option is to go with an item that has a Thai peanut sauce like mini lettuce wraps that are packed with flavor and not too filling.

2. Organic and sustainable ingredients

If you?re on a tight budget, you may tempted to select a caterer or food items that aren?t of the best quality. This would be a crucial mistake. It?s important to find ways to incorporate organic and sustainable ingredients into the food you serve. At the end of the day, your guests will be impressed that you went the extra mile to make sure they were fed food that is healthier and better for the environment. Generally speaking, these foods will coincide with some of the tips mentioned about which foods to order and which foods to avoid, as well.

3. Try a make your own food bar

One way to provide your guests with a variety of options for their appetizers or entrees is to offer a make your own food bar. This takes some of the pressure off you select one choice that will please every guest at the event. By going with a make your own food bar, you simply have to provide the ingredients and each individual person can select what they want to add or leave off their plate.

A few options for this type of menu are a make your own nachos or tacos bar, a sliders bar, or even a dessert bar where guests can make their own sundaes. This also helps accommodate any food allergies a guest may have.

Do you feel more prepared to select a caterer and a menu for your upcoming event? Which of these event catering ideas do you think you will use for your event? Let us know your thoughts on the best types of food to have and to avoid on event menus in the comments.

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