An Edible Candy Flower, Microgreens, And Crystalized Flowers How These Accent Dishes

In the United States, many individuals pride themselves in the food they consume. As society and generations continue to evolve, the documentation of food has become increasingly popular. Because of this, the presentation of food is highly important. In fact, when it comes to fine dining they have become slight experts at food presentation. Whether you are eating away from home (36% of households spend money on food away from their homes), or you’re creating your own masterpiece at home, here it what you should know about products that accent dishes.


First, what are Microgreens? By definition, Microgreens are a vegetable green, harvested after the Cotyledon leaves have developed. They are tiny, edible greens that range in size. To be more specific, Microgreens can be found in sizes 1 to 1.5 inches. This includes the stem and the leaves. Microgreens are utilized for their visual and flavor components. Most importantly, Microgreens, organic micro greens, and petite microgreens are commonly found in fine dining restaurants. This actually began around 20-30 years ago, because this is when microgreens started appearing. Although, adding microgreens to salads, wraps, soups, omelets, and other various dishes, this little vegetables make ideal accents for any dish.

You can place Microgreens on various dishes to add color, elegance, and a freshness to the dish. Additionally, Microgreens enhance the color of dishes that have bleak or bland colors; the bright green of the Microgreens certainly make the dish look beautiful. It will taste very good as well. It is important to note that if you’re utilizing Microgreens for an accent or a garnish, that you keep them chilled at 38-40 degrees in a sealed container. This ensures that the Microgreens remain fresh, cool, and green. Once the Microgreens are placed on the dish for an accent, you will feel a great sense of pride for the dish you just created. In addition, the photography of a dish with Microgreen accents is highly ideal.

Edible Candy Flower

Unlike Microgreens that work well as an accent for savory dishes, an edible candy flower is ideal for garnishing sweet treats; such as cupcakes and cakes. There are many varieties of edible flowers as well. Some include, but are not limited to, roses, pansies, and daises. Candied flowers can be made from chocolate or sugar. An edible candy flower adds beauty, color, elegance, and personality to any sweet treat. These decorations are commonly used as sugar flowers for cupcakes and sugar flowers for wedding cakes. If you’re looking for uniqueness, for beauty, for all colors of the rainbow, if you’re looking to wow individuals with your presentation, an edible candy flower can help you achieve this. In addition, an edible candy flower is delicious and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Crystalized Edible Flowers

Crystalized edible flowers, including crystallized pansy, crystallized rose, crystallized rose petal, and crystallized viola are also accents for sweet treats and dishes. These flowers actually consist of flowers coated with sugar. They are available in many colors such as lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange, and purple. This makes for a very colorful accent for your sweet treats, cakes, cupcakes, and dessert dishes. Additionally, you can choose your favorite colors, or pattern schemes for any occasion. Speaking of occasions, a crystalized edible flower, or an edible candy flower is ideal for various special occasions (birthday celebrations, sweet sixteens, baby showers, and weddings). These edible decorations are utilized as toppers, incorporated into icing, used to add color to the outside of layered cakes, and much more. Most importantly, it is accurate to ascertain that crystalized edible flowers are the ideal accent. Using these products to accent your sweet treats will enhance the beauty and the elegance of the presentation.

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