Awesome Growlers for Everyone You Love

Steel growler

Americans love their beer. In fact, research has shown that 14% of Americans drink beer once a week. Right now, the market is thriving. The U.S. craft beer market is worth over $20 billion to this day. A stainless steel beer growler is one of the best beer containers you can invest in – not only for yourself, but your friend who loves beer or your father who collects custom growlers, for on his birthday. If you are looking to buy growlers for the loved ones in your life around the holidays or for a birthday occasion, make sure you’re investing in the best product and not just any growler that you can find in a second-hand shop.

Good Beer and Its Impression on Society

Beer is perfect for all-year round, as statistics show us. 84% of those who drink craft beer say that they choose their beer depending on the season. But what are they drinking their favorite styles in? Are they drinking out of the plastic cups that they have left on their shelf, or an old mug that somebody gave them at their graduation service? A good growler container with insulated stainless steel can give them more options so that it doesn’t feel like their favorite beer is going to waste. We know that people love drinking and take their beer very seriously. U.S. consumers over 21 have consumed 27.5 gallons of beer and cider per every person during the year of 2015 alone. You may also be surprised to find that the markets are definitely alive and excelling, with small and independent craft brewers taking charge. They now represent 12% share of the overall beer industry and continue to grow to this day.

Have you considered a stainless steel beer growler as a gift for a loved one? Have you considered the personalized growler options, making each growler their very own in its unique way? A stainless growler can help keep the integrity of the taste of the beer you or a loved one is drinking, which is why you should buy your growler from a reputable company who knows its beer and how much it means to you.

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