Catering Can Make or Break an Event

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Food can make or break an event. Food has the power to bring an event together beautifully, enhancing the action and leaving the guests satisfied and happy. From weddings to corporate catering, the catering industry has enhanced events and provided a much-needed service (there’s nothing like hunger to ruin a big day or important meeting) for years. The catering industry in the United States has grown to employ over 200,500 people, and caterers have become more flexible than ever when it comes to the needs and wishes of the customers. For example, almost 80% of corporations seek to include a vegetarian option. Caterers handle any number of different events, as different as weddings and corporate catering.

Catering services are particularly popular for weddings. Almost half of engaged couples are interested in having their wedding at a unique venue, something off the beaten path. Some venues might not have in-house food, and in situations like these a caterer can help to provide a perfect wedding experience (some caterers even provide help with decor and table centerpieces). For the 56% of brides who prioritize the quality of food at their weddings, this is welcome news. At your average wedding, around 150 people will attend. Multiply that by the 2.4 million weddings held in the United States every year, and caterers get a lot of practice providing quality food for large groups of people.

Corporate catering is another popular use of catering services. Hiring a good caterer with quality food can go a long way to boost company morale. Corporate catering can be brought to a meeting room, a conference center, or even a picnic. In fact, over 70% of companies host a company picnic every year. Catering can also be employed as a means of employee recognition, which has shown to improve employee satisfaction. After all, food is a great incentive.

Catering services can be a great way to tie an event together. Whether your event is hosted in a banquet facility or a conference center, a good catering company can increase employee satisfaction (or how much fun your wedding guests have!). Good catering goes a long way and is well worth the investment.

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