Do You Love Food? Do You Know Where To Get More?

Farmer markets

What kind of Food Network local broadcasting do you watch? What interests you when it comes to watching the Food Network locally? Some people only watch it for the reality shows and the competitions. And there are some great ones on there. But there is so much more when it comes to the Food Network, and food in general. Break out of your comfort zone when it comes to your watching habits, and try something new.

  • Why Is Food Important?
  • There are a lot of cooking shows out there that really stress the importance of food. It is not just about cooking food for supper every night. Food is a communal experience. It brings family and friends together to share in that one thing that they can all agree on.

    Being able to cook, even on a basic level, allows you to communicate in that way with everyone. You should make watching at least one cooking show a part of your Food Network watching repertoire. In doing so, you can learn to connect with people in a way that you may never have been able to do before.

  • Where To Get Good Food
  • Another great thing that a lot of the shows stress is that you should try to eat local. That is the ultimate in food network locality, when you are purchasing from CSA farms and farm markets. There are many important advantages to eating local. But the most important is that you are supporting your local businesses and agriculture. Would you prefer your money go to the farmer next door, or the huge agro-conglomerate in California, destroying the environment as it farms tons and tons of out of season, highly chemically saturated produce?

  • Where To Find Food News
  • If what you are seeing on the television is not enough, there are tons of different sources to find articles about food online. The Food Network has great food news right on their site. As does NPR. And you can find hundreds of personal and professional blogs on the internet, all based on food. You are sure to find every bit of food news that you could ever want.

If you ever start to feel disconnected from food, less passionate, all you need to do is watch a television show about food. Whether it is competition, reality, cooking, or miscellany, you are sure to feel a renewed excitement and vigor for food. And you most certainly will feel that the next time you go to your local farmers’ market.

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