Frozen Treats Make The World Go ‘Round Choosing The Best Paletas And Kosher Dairies In Florida

What’s your favorite frozen treat of the summer?

Is it the rich flavor of gelato or the creamy texture of a soft serve cone? Is there a gourmet popsicle shop you visit every year or do you prefer to visit all the best paletas around? It’s a smorgasbord of delicious delights when the weather turns hot, something anyone can relate to in the United States. The best desserts in Miami, to this day, bring thousands of people across the country to try out their unique assortment of frozen treats. This year could be the year you try something new and bring back old memories.

Summer is fleeting, but memories last forever. Create yours by reading below and learning about all the delicious frozen treats you can try.

A Classic Soft Serve Cone To Bring Back Memories

When you want to go classic, there’s nothing quite like the classic soft serve cone. Made popular several decades ago, this food has since become an iconic part of American culture. In fact, the invention of refrigerated trucks was originally to make ice cream transportation easier! It’s estimated over 85% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given moment. It takes 50 licks or so to finish a single scoop of ice cream…unless you go back for seconds, that is!

A Tasty Popsicle To Bring With You On The Trip

The only frozen treat more iconic than the swirly soft serve is the colorful popsicle. Popular among kids and adults alike, heladerias and ice cream shops alike will have everything you need to stay cool this summer. Popular popsicle palettes (say that three times fast) include orange, strawberry and mixed berry flavors, though you can’t go wrong with chocolate or vanilla. In fact, chocolate ice cream accounts for 15% of all American sales. According to a recent survey by the International Ice Cream Association, vanilla remains the most popular flavor on the whole.

Rich Gelato To Top Off Your Gourmet Ice Cream List

Let’s say you want to get a little more…refined. Soft serve and popsicles are nice, but you’ve been working hard this year and want to really reward yourself. Gelato is widely considered the highest-quality ice cream, putting a greater emphasis on fat than air content for a rich finish that can’t be beat. The United States leads the world today in ice cream consumption, averaging 25 liters per person. Consider trying a pistachio gelato mix or indulging in some of the sweetest vanilla bean your tongue’s ever tasted…you won’t be disappointed!

Paletas De Dulce To Beat The Heat

Want a little culture with that? This isn’t talking about frozen yogurt (though you can always add that to the list!). The best paletas around can give you a slice of Mexican goodness when you’re on your way to the park. Part of the fun of frozen treats are all the ways you can incorporate them into your life — they can be a great way to motivate you during exams or a tasty result after jogging around the block. Today over 90% of American households regularly indulge in sweet, frozen treats…and they show no signs of slowing down!

Kosher Dairy To Give You That Cold, Tasty Boost

Just because you can’t have milk doesn’t mean there aren’t frozen treats for you to enjoy. Kosher dairy is a wonderful resource you can look up next time you’re hit by cravings. A single cow can provide enough milk to make two gallons of ice cream every day. Several forms of kosher dairy, however, can create shaved ice and popsicle varieties free from milk that taste delicious and refreshing. Florida is a hot state and one that’s only getting hotter — beating back the heat is easily done by swinging by your local kosher dairy shop.

Frozen treats are one of the great joys of life. Look up a strawberry paleta or gourmet ice cream shop this summer to indulge in some of your own swirly, colorful memories!

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