Healthy and Easy Hummus Recipes

What is hummus

Most everyone has heard of hummus, but still many will ask what is hummus? Hummus is a versatile food that is used on its own or as an ingredient in countless easy hummus recipes. In fact, the number of recipes with hummus really depends on the limits of the creativity of those who prepare it. Hummus is derived from chickpeas, hails from the middle east, and is most commonly used, at least in the United States, as a condiment or dip. However, hummus is also widely used as a key ingredient in many tasty easy hummus recipes. While on its own, hummus nutrition is generally high, hummus calories can also be high. Aside from hummus calories, the extent to which it is healthy largely depends upon how it is prepared. As with any food, hummus calories and its healthiness depends upon individual taste, and which ingredients are added to various easy hummus recipes to achieve the desired taste.

The are many easy hummus recipes that can enhance its health benefits. While there are roasted garlic hummus dips, hummus spread, spicy hummus dip, banana nut hummus dips, pizza hummus dips, and fresh hummus dips, the most healthy and easy hummus recipes are those that pass on large amounts of sodium, oil, or anything that adds fat or cholesterol. As such, the healthiest hummus is made with fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Each of these are healthy on their own, are low in sodium, low in fat, and are cholesterol free. Thus, adding these ingredients to an easy hummus recipe not only enhances its flavor, but makes it even healthier.

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