How Sanitary And Electric Pumps Make Our Everyday Lives Easier

Chemical barrel pump

America is the largest producer of chemical products and, as a result, sees an ever increasing demand for chemical drum pumps and electric def pumps for various industries both nationwide and worldwide. The food and beverage industry sees a significant demand for quality pumps to better moderate complex machinery while water and chemical industries rely on a variety of pumps to clean and filter the working environment. Knowing which kind of pump to buy is crucial for making sure your business or warehouse functions properly in the day-to-day and remains consistently clean. Let’s take a look at the role electric def pumps, diaphragm pumps and sanitary pumps play in various industries and why they’re a vital component of continued success, knowledge and safety.

Food And Beverage Industry

The American food and beverage industry has seen many changes as it continues to adapt to an increasingly populated and modern landscape. The soft drink industry alone makes $60 billion in revenue every year. From 2012 to 2013, the average sales experienced by the food and beverage industry hit a 17% increase in net profits. This is only expected to grow higher, with everything from children’s foods to beverages amounting to over $20 billion dollars per year.

Water Technology And Care

Arguably the most important resource, clean water can be incredibly scarce in many regions and needs a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to rely on. Exports relating to water technology are thought to be worth nearly $3 billion and it’s estimated over 90% of the world’s population will have access to improved drinking water resources in the coming years. Water is necessary for drinking, cleaning, cooking and mixing — electric def pumps and sanitary pumps ensure this water is both incredibly clean as well as properly circulated to where it needs to be.

Chemical Products

The United States is also the largest national producer of chemical products — these can range from ingredients for the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical technology or the aforementioned water treatment and care. Almost 18% of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry’s total revenues have been spent on extensive research and development, with that number not expected to go down any time soon. The Bureau of Economic Analysis saw the value added by American chemistry laying at a quarter of a billion dollars as of recent years, adding up to well over $700 billion total.

Different Kinds Of Pumps

Pumps are used to compress air, distribute water and filter chemicals in different industries. A diaphragm pump can be used in many different situations, from cleaning out large fish tanks to providing doctors with support during intensive surgeries. Electric pumps have motors and can be both manual and automatic, used to filter ponds, clean out tanks and provide oil. Sanitary pumps are essential for clearing out chemical and bacterial waste accumulated daily and can come in different shapes, sizes and ranges.

Finding The Right Drum Pump

Industrial pumps are necessary for many reasons, with the primary ones revolving around water distribution, cleaning and filtering. Drum pumps make everyday actions easier to access and can ensure your business runs smoothly no matter the challenges. Removing liquids from a 55 gallon drum or barrel, for example, is streamlined using state-of-the-art drum pumps. Pumps can also be used to cancel out harmful chemicals and ensure a cleaner and more efficient working environment. When searching for efficient technology to boost the capabilities of your business or services, choosing the right one will go a long way in ensuring your future success.

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