Hummus and Salsa

Guacamole brands

Hummus is acutally the Arabaic word for what those in the Middle East know as ‘chickpeas’ instead of hummus itself which has a whole other word to define the meaning. The consumption of hummus has lead to the growth of hummus brands, salsa brands, guacamole brands that we love to consume these days. Hummus dips vary vastly depending on what salsa brands you use an what Middle Eastern countries you travel to try them at. There is spicy fresh guacamole that goes great with many salsa brands. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records even records the use of eight tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of tahini, and two tons of lemon juice, and one hundred and fifty four pound of olive for the largest of all hummus recipes ever made in quantity. Chickpeas came to origin by the ancienty Phoenicians over seven thousand years ago. Along with the use of it in salsa brands, we are seeing how it has led to the use of recipes for hummus that vary in nationality and has created a diverse and well loved snack by many around the world.

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