Knowing How to Order Wine On the Internet

Wine is a world-famous alcoholic beverage that is among the most popular drinks in the entire world, alongside tea, coffee, and plain water, and for many thousands of years, societies around the world cultivated alcoholic drinks like wine, ranging from ancient Egyptian beer to medieval wine and spirits to modern brands of beer, fine wine, Japanese sake (rice-fermented wine), and much more. Italy, France, and some regions of the United States have, in modern times, established themselves as the primary wine centers of the world, and for centuries, people have adored wine and its endless varieties of flavors and rarity. In fact, rare wine bottles often go for high prices at auctions, and some brands of wine or wineries have made big names for themselves. Wine enthusiasts often visit local vineyards and wineries to buy bottles on site and get other accessories, but today, e-commerce, the act of buying products online, has expanded to include wine, too. Buying wine online is nothing cheap or tacky; in fact, for many consumers, buying wine online is really the only way to get this drink if there are no nearby retailers or vineyards, and even fine brands and desirable flavors can be found at an online wine shop, and of course, cheap wine online is available for less demanding customers. What might online wine sellers offer today? What strategies can one follow for buying wine online?

Wine Today

The new and growing trend of buying wine online factors into wine consumption in the United States as a whole. Americans love to drink wine anywhere or anytime, often at formal events such as wedding reception meals, during group meals such as brunch, during New Year celebrations, and more. Some wines are imported French or Italian wines, and some of these European wine brands are centuries old and are world-renowned. But American vineyards are making an effort to catch up, and today, the sunny coastal state of California has established itself as the American wine region, with 90% of American-made wine coming from that state. Plenty of American adults, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, love to have wine in their lives, and there are statistics to track how often Americans are having this drink. How popular is it?

Many American adults try alcohol at least once in their lives, and many are regular and passionate wine consumers. Speaking broadly, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the NSDUH, has found that 86.4% of adults have tried alcohol at least once in their lives, and this often includes wine and a long-running love for the drink and similar light alcoholic drinks. Among Americans aged 55 and over, nearly 65% of the population consume liquor, beer, or wine, and many of the Millennial generation, those born 1982-1995, are also big wine fans. Surveys found that 71-73% of Millennials drink liquor, beer, or wine, and in the coming years, they may emerge as the single biggest market for both domestic and foreign wines. They have plenty of wineries and other sources to choose from; over 7,700 wineries are found across the United States in all 50 states, and it is likely that the bulk of them may be found in California, the highest-populate state that is also the American producer of wine. West Coast residents may have the easiest access to these wineries, but Americans anywhere can find a local winery. There, they can get a tour of a vineyard, select any of the many bottles available, and even collect wine-based accessories such as wooden signs, wine sleeves, cork screws, and more.

Buy Wine Online

E-commerce in the United States is on the rise, and this includes wine online shopping. Consumers can find many different wine flavors and brands online, and they can either have the wine dropped off at their residence (this requires someone being present to sign off on it), or picking it up elsewhere. Wine may be damaged from heat, and a regular cargo truck’s interior will soon become too hot for wine. Instead, once wine is delivered to a warehouse close to the buyer, all wine is placed in cool storage on-site, and consumers are alerted of this and may visit to pick up their chilled wine.

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