More Closely Considering All Your Options Taking A Closer Look At Frozen Desserts

Enjoying a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day is popular among many people here in the United States. Cold, creamy, refreshing, and delicious, ice cream or even another frozen dessert is widely loved in the summer months. In fact, more ice cream is produced during the month of June than during any other time of the year. But it’s not just in the summer that ice cream is well-loved and regularly enjoyed, though this season marks its period of highest purchasing activity (as one might expect).

Ice cream and other frozen desserts like frozen yogurt and gelato can, of course, be enjoyed throughout the course of the entire year. After all, the average person will eat ice cream at least 28.5 times throughout the course of a year, if not even more frequently than this. In addition to this, the average family will have ice cream in the fridge at all times and enjoy a frozen treat regularly as well (something that holds true for around a full 90% of all families, at least among those living in the United States. And up to 40% of all people will indulge themselves with ice cream at least twice throughout the span of a month. Therefore, it is clear to see just how popular and common ice cream is with people of all ages, of all backgrounds, and in all parts of the United States as an entity.

For many people, other frozen desserts are just as compelling. Frozen yogurt is a great example of exactly this, and has been a staple dessert option in much of the country for a good period of time now. For many people, frozen yogurt provides something of a healthier option, especially when you consider the fact that you can easily top frozen yogurt with fresh fruit in many a frozen yogurt shop, which numbered over 2,500 as of the year of 2013. Of course, you can make frozen yogurt decadent too – it all depends on the flavors you choose and the toppings that you add alongside them as well.

Getting a gelato cup is another common option when it comes to frozen treats. After all, a gelato cup is likely to be just as delicious as ice cream, if not even more so (it all comes down to your personal preference, as so many things ultimately do. Gelato and gelato cups tend to be more dense than ice cream, as gelato has only around 25% air churned in, whereas ice cream has around 50% air. This makes a big difference for the density of gelato and can make gelato cups taste even creamier than ice cream even though gelato only has, at the very most, 8% milkfat and ice cream typically has a whole lot more. Ultimately, this just goes to show how critical the preparation of a frozen treat can be.

And gelato cups, like ice cream to go cups, can be served in many different flavors. From chocolate to vanilla, the classics have remained popular. In fact, vanilla ice cream makes up more than 30% of all ice cream sales. And chocolate ice cream makes up another 20%. Ultimately, the classics remain well loved even as new and innovative flavors become hugely intriguing for many people all throughout the United States. At the end of the day, there are many things to consider when choosing the right kind of ice cream for a treat, but asking for a tasting spoon at an ice cream parlor or gelato shop can give you the chance to explore some of the flavors you might not have otherwise felt comfortable paying for.

At the end of the day, frozen treats are widely popular all throughout the United States. All things considered, there is likely a frozen treat out there for you. For many people, this will be ice cream. For others, it will be gelato cups. For still more, frozen yogurt is the dessert of choice. At the end of the day, all of these options are tasty and easily accessible here in the United States.

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