Planning for a Major Home Remodeling Project Requires Close Attention to Many Details

This is a big day for your Family!!! You and your husband I have spent hundreds of hours designing, space planning, and coordinating engineers to get to this point of finalizing plans for a major renovation project. After a questionable draftsman skipped town a few months ago and tried to take your plans with him, you purchased AutoCad, a drafting program you had not touched since your design days 15 years ago, and the two of you finished the drawings yourselves.

Today you submitted your home remodel to the city. With the help of an amazing engineer and awesome design consultant you are doubling the size of your home and you are really excited.

In addition to adding the space that your now family of six needs, you are also focusing on the health benefits of a specialized kitchen design. Following in the foot steps of some larger industrial kitchen that you have seen, you are purchasing food service equipment that will make it easier to cook for your large family. After spending time gleaning what you like most from not only residential kitchen options, but also church, school, and healthcare kitchen design, you think you have come up with a functional space that will serve as a gathering spot for your family, your friends, and your guests.

Healthy Cooking Begins with a Well Designed Kitchen

In a time when so many Americans are overweight and suffering from a number of health implications, it should come as no surprise that there are a growing number of industries and individual families that are focusing on creating a better kitchen where it is easier to create healthy meals. From the latest healthcare kitchen designs that allow for different kinds of cooking areas to accommodate for patient allergies to school kitchen designers who are creating areas that allow for more home cooked options, there are plenty of ideas for residential cooking spaces. The kitchen is often the center of every home, but creating a space that allows you to cook with your children and teach them the best of habits is always a step in the right direction.

Too often today’s residential and industrial kitchen spaces focus on convenience. Unfortunately, the convenience of microwaved meals and reheating large vats of ready made food is not helping Americans establish the kind of healthy eating habits that they need. Following the latest healthcare kitchen designs that provide spaces to teach patients and their families how to create healthy meals, there are many home owners who are rethinking the way they want to use their space.

With industry revenue increasing at an annualized rate of 2.2% to $3.7 billion, the commercial cooking equipment manufacturing industry has grown over the five years. Home owners are quickly capitalizing on some of the best trends in the healthcare kitchen design industry and are looking for ways to incorporate these ideas into their own homes. The average kitchen in the U.S. has approximately 25 square feet of counter space, but there are indications that these spaces are growing even bigger as parents want to create areas that can help them teach their children the importance of a home cooked meal.

Restaurant and healthcare kitchen designs, of course, have to factor in different kinds of health and safety standards, but there are still many ideas that can translate into a better cooking experience in a residential setting. Kitchen remodeling projects have long been one of the best ways to see an immediate return on investment, so it should certainly not be surprising that more and more home owners are making even bigger strides in creating the perfect kitchen.

Th lives that we lead influence the way that our children develop. If you are planning a major home remodel in the near future it is important to create a cooking space where you can teach your children all of the best habits of cooking healthy. The family that cooks together creates not only the tastiest of dishes, but also the greatest of memories. Understanding the value of cooking with fresh ingredients can help your children develop a future that will help them live a healthier life.

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