Save Money Simply By Switching to a Bottleless Water Cooler

Bottleless water coolers

We all want to have clear, clean drinking water. One little known fact about fresh water is that 77 percent of the world’s water is frozen and only 3 percent of it is freshwater. Some people prefer to get their drinking water from a water cooler that they have in their home or office. The traditional 5 gallon water coolers are not for everyone though. Lifting and lugging around 5 gallons of water can be difficult for some people, especially the elderly. These water coolers also take up a lot of room.

There are various other problems with using five gallon water bottles, such as problems with the neck on the water bottles becoming contaminated and then contaminating, which can then contaminate the rest of the bottled water. Another problem is the gasses that are created from the water bottles when they sit in a hot delivery truck. A filtered water system makes more since it can save you as much as 80 percent over the cost to buy bottled water for an organization in an office building.

Instead of using the old fashioned type of water coolers why not use a bottleless water cooler? Bottleless water coolers provide fresh, clean drinking water that is affordable. A bottleless water cooler filters your tap water and removes impurities which improves the taste of the city water supply tremendously. You do not have to lug around heavy water bottles. Botteless water coolers are environmentally friendly too. There is no need to fill up landfills with plastic bottles anymore when you use a bottleless water cooler instead of buying bottled water and throwing away plastic water bottles.

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