Stainless Steel Growler Kegs and Other Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Craft Beer

Beer is a popular beverage in the United States, and 14% of Americans enjoy it on a weekly basis. Over the course of 2015, for example, each adult aged 21 and older drank a total of 27.5 gallons of beer and cider. It’s also interesting to note that 85% of the beer drank during that year was was domestically produced. Then there’s the fact that beer lovers tend to prefer this refreshing beverage over wine and spirits. A 2016 Gallup poll found that this was the case with 43% of legal-aged drinkers.

While there were already quite a few breweries operating in the United States, this number increased by 15% in 2015. At that time, there were 4,269 breweries, and it’s likely there are even more now. Craft brewers represent 12% of the overall beer industry’s market share with a value of $23.5 billion. This industry is also expected to experience continued growth as more tasting rooms and restaurants open.

Given their love for this beverage, It’s not surprising that so many Americans enjoy spending time at neighborhood craft beer establishments. One of the many reasons this is a popular pastime is because people can explore different beers when they order a tasting flight. After they find a favorite flavor or two, they can enjoy a glass there and then take some to go in a growler. Whether they take their beer home or to a social gathering with family and friends, personalized stainless steel growler kegs are a convenient way to transport craft beer.

Stainless steel growler kegs also make great gifts for beer lovers. After going out to a craft beer pub to celebrate with a friend, just imagine how happy they’ll be to receive their own personalized growler filled to the brim. When it comes to choosing your beer, you just might be one of the 84% of consumers that make their decisions based on what’s in season. Since there are so many palette-pleasing flavors, it would be good to have a few extra growlers on hand.

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