The Dainty Appeal Of Edible Flowers And How They’re Coming Back Into Style

Micro green

Foodie culture is seeing an unprecedented change these days. The advent of social media and easily accessible technology is transforming how we look at eating out. Families, couples and individuals all want more out of their trip and they’ll pay big dollars for that single, coveted snapshot. Organic micro greens may have decades to their name, but much like food culture they’re seeing a rebirth in both casual dining and higher end establishments. Beautiful, romantic and incredibly delicate, finding a good micro green grower is a journey in of itself. A restaurant that takes care to put on this finishing touch could be exactly what a new customer is looking for.

Create A Little Bit Of History

Every dish should be more special than the last. Organic micro greens are an ideal finishing touch on many different types of cuisine, giving it a visual appeal that’s leaps and bounds beyond any basic fare. Micro greens have been in regular use for around 30 years, though the past few have seen a notable surge in attention due to social media. Micro greens even have their own rating scale to determine their quality. For marketability purposes you should seek out organic micro greens at a three or higher.

Choose From Nearly Endless Varieties

No matter the dish or style, there are petite micro greens that can bring out its inner potential and transform it into a work of art. Crystallized edible flowers are a sweet and delicate addition to cupcakes, pies and salads, invoking the feel of a peaceful garden for the weary customer. You can choose from edible lavender flowers for a splash of color or edible flower petals for more decorative spreads. It’s thought there are over 100 different types of common garden flowers that can be used as micro greens.

Appeal To A Hungry, Growing Audience

Word-of-mouth is a powerful force. When you invest in organic micro greens you invest in a useful marketing tool that keeps working its magic long after the meal has been finished. As of now one of the largest Flickr groups (dubbed ‘I Ate This’) boasts over 300,000 photos contributed by a userbase of nearly 20,000 people. Here people link and share their favorite meals and new discoveries using all the tools at their disposal, creating a world of potential for businesses that want to keep expanding their reach to new audiences.

Entertain All Kinds Of Customers

The more options, the better. Having micro greens on hand mean you’ll never be at a shortage of different arrangements to keep your restaurant’s appeal as broad as possible. Plating is just as much a part of the process as cooking and advertising, encouraging customers to ‘eat’ with their eyes before they reach for their fork. Children generally prefer more colors in their food, with multiple food components, where adults are much more minimalist. Try three colors and three different food types for adults while doubling that amount for children to keep your food looking tasty.

Find A Responsible Grower

Micro green varieties can be found all over. Does that mean they’re good enough for your establishment? Devoting effort to growing, maintaining and selling petite micro greens takes specialized skill, enough that it truly pays to take your time to find a responsible grower. Micro greens should be stored at a temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain their color and shape over time. Broken stems, wrinkled texture or missing leaves will drastically reduce their marketability scale and, by extension, your customers’ confidence in your business.

Give your restaurant the best possible chance at success. Flower crystals, edible blossoms and micro herbs are a beautiful manifestation of the wisdom ‘less is more’.

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