Three Reasons BBQ is a Great Choice for Your Catered Event

Birthday party

There’s no comfort food like a BBQ. If you’re planning an office party, a birthday party, or just hankering for some ribs, read on to learn why the next event catering you order should be BBQ.

BBQ Offers Something for Everyone

Good BBQ will offer all kinds of meat. You can get slow cooked ribs, chicken, brisket, and even smoked turkey in some places. Barbecue sauces come in every flavor you can imagine, from smoky to sweet to killer spicy. You’re sure to please all your guests: even the vegetarians and vegans! Good BBQ catering offers plenty of options for them because BBQ is one of those meals where the sides are never an afterthought. Having side dishes that stick to your ribs, like smoked macaroni and cheese or dressed up potatoes of all kinds, is a staple of good barbeque. And your gluten-free guests will be safe, too, as most sauces and rubs are naturally gluten-free.

BBQ Sets a Homey and Casual Tone

You want people to enjoy themselves, right? There’s nothing that says country casual so well as a BBQ. In a lot of the country, BBQ is a tradition, so you know you’re offering soul food that will make people feel at ease and comfortable.

BBQ is Readily Available

Your grandmother might never have dreamed of finding a caterer who could do BBQ for her wedding, but thankfully the market has grown immensely since her day. The catering industry in the United States is now employing over 250,000 people a year, and the global catering market is growing at an estimated compounded annual rate of 4%. All that business means that there are a lot of options for finding just the right caterer with just the right options for your event.

BBQ is Affordable For a Large Group

The average catered party size is 100-250 people. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, and BBQ is among the most affordable meals for a big group. It’s also really easy to set up for and easy to clean up from afterward.

How Do I Choose a Good Caterer?

First, be sure to listen for recommendations. Find people who actually hired a caterer and were pleased with them. Once you have some choices, schedule a tasting session with some of them. Make sure it’s the kind of BBQ you want for your event. Also, consider what services you’ll need and which ones the catering companies offer. Be sure to also check with the local health department and Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no issues you should know about.

BBQ is a great choice for your catered event. BBQ is comfortable and relaxed, has something for everyone, and is an affordable meal. If you have a party or wedding to arrange, look into caterers in your area who can offer BBQ that will make everyone’s mouths water!

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