Top Three Tips for Eating Well at Your Cafeteria

Pickup and drop off meal

A pickup and drop off meal sounds like something you might find at an event that has food catered and brought in. Maybe you picture a boxed lunch and a bottle of water. Maybe it is more reminiscent of a picnic where all you have to bring is your appetite. Whatever a pickup and drop off meal might look like to you, it might not have ever seemed like the most nutritious meal you could eat.

Cafeteria service providers are making the memories of eating poorly at work a thing of the past. Cafeteria vendors are moving toward more variety as well as toward food that is good and good for you. It might have been the last place you ever thought you would want to eat, but, these days, corporate dining is looking better all the time. Here are three tips for eating well while you are at work.

1.) Check in with your hunger.

When you are at work, it can be very easy to let the stress of the day dictate your hunger levels. You might not actually be as hungry as you think you are and when we eat because of stress, we tend to overeat and eat unhealthily. About a half hour before you go to lunch, have about eight ounces of water. This will prep your stomach and allow you to make a more rational decision about what and how much to eat.

2.) Balance your plate.

Try to balance out your plate with three of the essential nutrients–carbs, protein, and fiber. If you can fill half of your plate with vegetables, saving a quarter for protein and the last quarter to a starchy food, you will have a balanced meal that will help you feel full longer than you would otherwise. Consider brown rice and brown grains to help you with this balanced plan.

3.) Give the hot meal a look.

The corporate cafeteria management service has been getting better all the time with their offerings of pickup and drop off meal options. The hot meal might not sound like a preferred option to the salad line, but, the truth is, it is often well balanced and actually a cheaper alternative to the other food stations.

The other great thing about the hot meal option is that if it comes with too much food, you can always get a box and take some home for later. In that case, you are getting two meals for the price of one.Now, that’s the kind of bonus you were hoping for!

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