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4 Beneficial Reasons to Live a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Nov 30 2017

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In recent years, many people have found gluten to be a major source of certain health issues. In fact, statistics show that one out of every 133 people in the United States has what is known as celiac disease. For those living with celiac disease, the only way to treat this condition is by eliminating all forms of gluten from their diets. However, those who do not have celiac disease will find that there are many beneficial reasons to not consume gluten. With that in mind, here are four major benefits of living a gluten free lifestyle.

  1. Better Overall Digestive Health

    Foods containing gluten are known to be particularly tough to digest, especially for those with celiac disease. In addition, those without this disease can experience digestion problems including gas and bl

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Ways To Signifcantly Reduce Food Packaging Costs

Nov 21 2017


If you’re looking for a way for your business to cut some costs on packaging your food, there is some good news. You’re in luck! There are several ways that a company can cut its food packaging costs by a significant amount, and they are all very easy. If you’re in the food industry, you know that safety is one of the biggest concerns to have when it comes to customers and their health. Every year, about 1 out of 6 Americans gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases. Your business is in the position to control this number and help limit the amount of cases per year of people who get sick thanks to food that was not properly handled. Part of that can start with how its stored and packaged.


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The Dainty Appeal Of Edible Flowers And How They’re Coming Back Into Style

Nov 18 2017

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Foodie culture is seeing an unprecedented change these days. The advent of social media and easily accessible technology is transforming how we look at eating out. Families, couples and individuals all want more out of their trip and they’ll pay big dollars for that single, coveted snapshot. Organic micro greens may have decades to their name, but much like food culture they’re seeing a rebirth in both casual dining and higher end establishments. Beautiful, romantic and incredibly delicate, finding a good micro green grower is a journey in of itself. A restaurant that takes care to put on this finishing touch could be exactly what a new customer is looking for.

Create A Little Bit

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Facts On Stir Sticks

Nov 14 2017

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People in the United States absolutely love coffee. Studies have been conducted and data has been gathered to back this claim. Plus, a simple visit to most offices in the United States will show that a majority of these workplaces and offices have white disposable coffee cups, wooden stir sticks, and custom paper coffee cups.

Other studies and data have been collected that reveal that coffee is believed to help people focus while they are working. Some people even go out of their way to avoid social interactions until they have coffee in their hand with stir sticks to stir up the sugar and coffee cream. Here are all the facts on stir sticks, white paper c

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3 Event Catering Ideas for Planning a Delicious Catered Meal

Nov 05 2017

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Are you planning to host an event and need event catering ideas? At any event, the food can either be the star or the thing people remember not being as good as it could have been. You want to make sure that your dinner catering menu meets and exceeds the expectations of all your guests. Whether this is your first time planning an event or you are simply hoping to create a better food catering menu than your last event, there are plenty of ways to cater a delicious meal.

Interested in learning more about how to avoid a disastrous catered meal at your big e

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