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What’s The Latest Superfood? Turns Out The Best Trend Is Also One Of The Oldest

Jun 22 2018

We hear a lot about superfoods. The hidden healing properties of one ingredient, the unique vitamins in another. Turns out one of the best ingredients ever cultivated has been right under our noses all along.

Nuts are used in all sorts of recipes. They can be a great snack to curb someone’s appetite in-between meals or a way to garnish pastries at the local bakery. They’re delicious, flexible and pack an iconic crunch. In fact, it’s hard to find cultures that don’t use cashew seeds for sale or defatted peanut flour at some point. When you grow peanuts you grow one of the most coveted ingredients found across the world, paving the way for business that will exceed expectations time and time again. What are the benefits of tree nuts, peanuts and cashews?

All that and more will be explored in the list below.

Quick Facts About Nut Pr

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