A Beginners Guide to Coffee and Espresso Drinks

Does your coffee order go like this? COFFEE. PLAIN. BLACK. Are you daunted by all those coffee drink names? Don’t know your lattes from your mochas? Thought they were all the same? Well, they are not.

Watch and learn to be on your way to be a coffee savvy aficionado! Acquire the variances between four of your favorite coffee drinks.

Video Source

Visiting Cafe Grumpy in New York barista Jospeh Monett serves us up four popular coffees/expressos drinks that you most definitely have heard of. Discover their differences in creation along with their differences in flavor too.

So, next time your friends say they want to meet for coffee you can say yes with pride and wow them with your new order of knowledge.

Have a coffee maker at home? Stir your friends up by offering them a barista-quality experience. Query to them would they like a Mocha? Cappuccino? Flat White? Latte? What’s the difference they ask? Dazzle as your explanation rolls off your tongue. We just can’t promise you your latte art will be as hot.

Live. Learn. Drink coffee.

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