A Look At Eating Ice Cream

When it comes to ice cream, there are an incredible array of options available to the average person – at least here and all throughout the United States as a whole. Of course, the classics are still much beloved, with nearly one fifth of the population citing chocolate as their favorite flavor of ice cream, making it the second most popular in the entirety of the country. Vanilla continues to reign supreme, making up more than one third of all ice cream sales and coming in as the preferred flavor for at least 28% of the population. There are even now many different varieties and types of vanilla to enjoy, playful takes on the beloved classic.

Of course, specialty flavors are becoming more and more beloved as well, with many people enjoying the process of trying them out even if they know that a classic flavor will remain the all time best (at least in their estimation). For instance, flavors like cookie dough and moose tracks are now staples in many a fridge. Even more “out there” flavors, involving ingredients like lavender, are also climbing in prominence. There will always, it seems, be a new type of ice cream out there to try.

And there are certainly many ways in which one can eat ice cream as well. Custom cups, for instance, can be found in just about every ice cream parlor out there. These custom cups are perfect for those who are looking for what amounts to an at least relatively mess free experience, as custom cups will be easier to maneuver than the typical ice cream cone. In this regard, custom cups will be particularly ideal on a hot summer day, when melting ice cream in a cone poses a threat to many.

But, of course, some people will not want custom cups even with their relative neatness, as custom cups cannot provide the same extra flavor and texture as an ice cream cones. Ice cream cones, which have been around for more than 100 years now, dating back to the year of 1904, give something a little special to the ice cream experience. Cones now come in a variety of flavors – and some have even been dipped in chocolate and candy, giving an additional hit of sweetness. For many, having ice cream in a cone is simply a critical part of the ice cream experience, one that cannot be matched by custom cups or ice cream cups of really any nature, for that matter. And cones are likely even better for the environment than disposable ice cream cups and the plastic spoons that are destined to come with them. Of course, things like wooden tasting spoons and wooden ice cream spoons are becoming more and more popular and widely utilized as more companies seek to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

For all of these reasons and more, ice cream is widely consumed here in the United States. As a matter of fact, up to 40% of the entire population is likely to have some kind of ice cream treat at least once over the period of every two weeks, if not even more frequently than this. In addition to this, an average person living anywhere in the United States is actually likely to consume ice cream more than 28 times in a single year, which is certainly an impressive number indeed, to say the very least. And up to 87% of all households in this same country have at least one type of ice cream in their home at all times, allowing for easy access to a delicious snack or dessert.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons that people love to eat ice cream. First and foremost is, of course, the fact that it is simply incredibly good tasting. This is something that will hold true for almost any kind of ice cream, though some will be much preferred over others, of course. For many people, having ice cream is the highlight of a day, and something to look forward to when things might not be going so well. Ice cream is likely to remain this popular well into the future.

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