Buy Local and Eat Healthy from Organic Farmers Markets

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It seems like it is becoming a monthly thing to hear about an outbreak of some kind of food borne illness. One month the health department tell Americans avoid ground beef; the next month it is cantaloupe; the following month its purple grapes or oranges. It gets to the point where people no longer want to eat certain types of food. For various reasons that might be attributed to insecticides or dubious methods to make livestock grow larger, many people are turning to organic foods and organic farmers markets to get their food. In addition to that, many people are giving up meat all together and becoming vegetarians. If people are trying to eat healthy, it might be advantageous to join a local food network, join a food movement, or buy and eat locally. In fact, by purchasing from organic farmers markets and other local farmer markets, people may not only be healthier, but they will be supporting the local economy, as well.

Organic farmers markets provide patrons with fruits and vegetables that are grown naturally, which means there is nothing unnatural or artificial added to the soil; and perhaps most importantly, the fruits and vegetable are grown in fields and orchards that are not treated with insecticides. As such, when people purchase produce from organic farmers markets can have the piece of mind that their food will be safe from anything unnatural. For people who enjoy the produce that can be purchased from organic farmers markets, what do they do during the fall, winter, and most of the spring? The answer to that might be to buy fresh produce online.

For people who live in colder climates, they can join CSA farms online. CSA farms, or community supported agriculture, have long been known to provide fresh, locally grown product to their members. Although it seems like a strange concept to buy local food online, if one cannot support their local farmers, why not support local farmers elsewhere? Furthermore, by joining CSA farms, one can still buy from organic farmers markets, and also find produce that is not available in their regions.

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