Choosing the Most Tasteful and Colorful Gummies for Your Candy Buffet

Need bulk gummy candy? Party planning has never been so easy with an assortment of candy selections from sweet to sour gummies, soft and hard candies, gummy bears and worms, candy mints, chewing gum and more, perfect for all tastebuds and a nice filler for party favors.

If you’re planning a party and looking for cost-effective solutions, consider buying bulk gummy candy — whether you’re setting up a sweet table for a birthday, wedding, baby shower or a corporate party. Wondering where to start with your candy selection?

Let’s first go through an interesting brief history of gummy candy, their composition and some of the types available to complete a mouth-watering candy buffet.

A Quick Walkthrough Into the History of Gummy

The average American eats almost 25 pounds of candy every year. About 50% of that candy comes from the 51 chocolate bars that Americans eat every year. Gummy candy is the country’s most consumed confection despite its origin back in Germany in the early ’90s. But it’s until in the 1980s that saw gummies widely consumed worldwide.

For long gummy candy was born the shaped of a bear. That’s what often comes to the mind of most people when you mention these sweet treats. Today, jelly candy comes in a great variety of shapes, colors, and flavors from gummy worms, bear fish, animal mix, butterflies, fish, and rings.

Gummies are tasteful just as they are irresistible. Red raspberry, in particular, is unique juicy pieces of fun and flavorful candy for your candy buffet. With a huge array of gummy shapes for a unique blend of choice, there are also 12 flavors of gummy bears to choose from. Candy lovers can mention them off the tops of their heads.

In addition to burstful of flavors — and not to mention the diverse shapes gummy candy offers, there are varieties of tastes also raging from the traditional sweet candy, the delicious sour candy, and sugar-free variety.

From diverse shapes, delightful flavors and tastes, there is enough reason to buy bulk gummy candy and treat your guests to an awesome ‘sweet tooth’ party session. It’s a great snack you can enjoy with cholesterol-free and low sodium diet and it’s also fat-free in itself, so no fears of adding on cholesterol in your body.

Additionally, gummy candy is a source of protein though in small quantities. Incorporated in regular carbohydrate meal, it can boost your carbohydrate value level for up to 10%. When setting your candy buffet atop hot dishes they won’t melt or break apart like other types of sweet treats.

How are Gummies Made and Key Ingredients You Should Know

Gelatin is the primary ingredient in gummy candy, yellow and it’s flavorless. That’s why sweeteners and other flavorful agents must be add included in the composition to bring out the taste flavor in them. Since it’s the main ingredient, gelatin greatly determines the texture of the candy.

Some of the sweeteners and flavoring that are added to gelatin include sugar syrup, sucrose, fructose, corn and sorbitol, which is particularly important in keeping the preserving the moisture content in candies. However, to increase the shelf life of these treats, sugar levels have to be reduced.

Both natural and artificial flavors help to bring out a range of delightful taste favorites for kids and adults alike. Acids such as malic acid, tartaric acid, citric and lactic acid are added to enhance flavors and intensify taste sensation.

Gummy candy is undoubtedly the most colorful among the candy varieties. Colorings and dyes are added to achieve desired colors as well as eliminate the original yellow color of gelatin. This gives gummy candy vibrant colors for an eye-catching and irresistible display.

Sugar-Free Gummies target candy lovers who prefer or due to medical conditions like diabetic won’t be taking sugary treats, food and drinks. Dieters also prefer these and they as much as excite your tastebuds as the sweetened counterpart. Remember to buy bulk gummy candy of this variety for your party candy buffet for those deprived of flavor treats.

Whatever your occasion is, fill up the table with a range of sweet and fun gummy candy and get’s anyone in a loving mood.

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