Do You Love Hispanic Postres? Learn About Tres Leches Cake

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As the Hispanic population has grown in the United States, so, too, has the popularity of different Hispanic foods. According to IBIS World, Americans’ growing love of Hispanic food, whether it’s flan or empanadas, continues to have a hugely beneficial economic impact in the States. In fact, 31,000 Mexican restaurants exist in the United States, generating over $31 billion in annual revenue. Further, Hispanic markets selling everything from ingredients for tamales to those for arroz con pollo contribute to a $28 billion ethnic supermarket industry.

Among the most well known Hispanic foods are postres, desserts. Churros and flan are just two of the most famous postres. However, when talking about postres, you absolutely have to talk about tres leches cake.

What is Tres Leches Cake?
As Bon Appetit Magazine writes, tres leches is a white cake that incorporates whole milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk into a sweet, sticky, and absolutely delicious example of Hispanic postres. The three different types of milk used give the dessert its name; tres leches means “three milks.”

Where Did the Tres Leches Cake Recipe Originate?
Since tres leches is eaten in many different locations around the world, everywhere from the United States to Mexico to Cuba, there is some historical disagreement over where exactly this most delicious of postres originated. However, according to Linda Stradley of What’s Cooking America, tres leches most likely has its roots in Nicaragua. As Nicaraguans emigrated, tres leches cake likely spread across the other countries that now commonly eat the dish. Supposedly, the recipe for the cake was first featured on cans of evaporated milk circulating throughout Latin America, making Nicaragua a good contender for the title of creator.

Wherever tres leches cake may have come from, one thing remains is for sure: it is a truly beloved dessert that makes an appearance among a wide variety of Hispanic cultures and their recipes for favorite postres. If you haven’t tried tres leches cake, what are you waiting for? Read more here.

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