Eating Local Is a Great Way to Support Community Agriculture

Csa farms

Looking to change the way you eat? I’m not just talking about taking up the latest fad diet, or digesting articles about food totally at random. I’m talking about exploring the delicious and proactive possibilities of organic eating and local agriculture. Looking for locally focused articles about food is a great way to find out about what’s going on in the food movement in your area, and how you can benefit and participate. Somewhere nearby may be a whole independent food network local residents are already sharing in and enjoying… so why not you, too?

Some of the articles about food you may want to investigate include tips on how to eat local in your region. You may find that there are any number of Csa farms serving your area, farms that you can help support and that can return the favor with delicious and healthy home grown produce. CSA, as you may have learned from other articles about food, is ‘Community Supported Agriculture,’ a grassroots movement in which small local farms grow food that’s often shared with other locals in a barter or investment system. In other words, producers may exchange food they’ve grown, or some locals may make a donation of money or labor and then receive numerous deliveries of great produce in return throughout the growing season.

Some other articles about food may help lead you to a local organic farmers market, where you’ll find delightful non GMO produce that can be difficult or impossible to come by at an ordinary grocery store, or even at a run of the mill farmers market. And these articles about food can also tell you where to go beyond produce, with tips on how to find local meat markets that serve and sell product from farm raised, humanely slaughtered and genetically unmodified livestock (something you REALLY won’t find much of at a grocery store).

If you’re new to the organic and locally grown phenomenon, you don’t need to feel pressured to go “all organic” all of a sudden! But it’s something exciting to investigate, and reading up on some locally focused articles about food is a great place to begin.

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