Where Does Your Food Come From?

Local meat markets

Technology has made feeding people a lot easier for farmers. This is good. It has made it so that people do not have to be farmers to grow their own food. Today, only about two or three percent of Americans are farmers. In 1870, somewhere between seventy and eighty percent of Americans were involved in agriculture.

Technological advances have allowed farmers to store food for longer and have more food movement. However, the desire people have to eat local produce is still there. Food articles show that many people buy their vegetables at farm markets.

The draw of market place foods is obvious. They are fresh. By buying produce at a local farm market, a person can literally eat fruits or vegetables that were picked the day that they eat them. It is also evident in food articles that people like to support their local farms.

Farms are an integral part of the community. People have to eat to survive, and farms produce the food for people to eat. Supporting local farms allows people to see the processes that creates their food and have a relationship with the person or people that are providing for them.

Reading food articles is a great way for people to have a better understanding of what they are eating and where it comes from. Besides giving cool recipes and facts about food, food articles also make a person think about what their best options are for getting produce. While the grocery store may be the default choice for many people, it is certainly not the only choice.

Food articles can educate people on their best options for buying produce, and it can let them know how to support their community better. Everyone needs food, and reading food articles helps people to be a little bit more aware about something that they have to consume multiple times a day.

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