Getting an Office Water Cooler

An office building today needs many systems in place to work well, such as a computer private server, data security, Wi-Fi, filing cabinets, and a good HR department, but many smaller amenities help round out the office and make it a comfortable place in which to work. This covers anything from a functioning heating and air conditioning system to framed art on the walls to high quality chairs for comfort and lumber support, and and office water cooler is the classic, staple image of office amenities, right alongside a vending machine or a coffee maker in the break room. Even terms like “water cooler talk” are inspired by basic comforts such as these, and as the budget allows, coffee makers or water coolers can be bought for the office, but some may not realize that proper water care is in fact important for the workplace, as water may sometimes have contaminants in it that a good water cooler will filter out. Water filtration is vital for a home or office building, along with water sterilization. What can office water coolers do for the employees?

Health and Water

It is common knowledge that the human body needs water to stay alive as well as healthy, and enough hydration can work well for the mind, too, as dehydration can impair mental function even if just 1-3% of the body’s water is lost. Such hydration may especially be an issue for an office building with very low humidity or an office building found in dry environments like the New Mexico desert. The human body is about 60% water, and for good health, this should always be maintained. It seems that nowadays, Americans are getting better about their water needs; the average person today drinks 38% more water than they did 15 years ago, and drinking well filtered water can boost health even more. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day is a good starting point, whether at the home, in a fitness gym, or at the office, around the office water cooler.

Investing in Water

What can go wrong with water? More than some may realize. Hard water is a common concern across the United States that many may not even realize exists, and that may include the office’s water supply. Roughly 80% of utilities and buildings in the United States have to contend with hard water, and its ill effects may include irritation of the hair and scalp, stiff clothing after laundry is done, and white spots on dishes. What is hard water? It is any water with a sufficient amount of dissolved magnesium or calcium in it, and there is even a scale for the hardness of water. If a home’s water supply, or if an office water service has filters set up to clean out hard water, then these ill effects can be avoided, and drinking too much hard water may have ill effects on the body. A specialized filter will use charged beads to attract atoms of calcium and magnesium in the hard water and draw the atoms to a smaller tank, and once a bead is saturated, salts in the tank will scrub the bead clean so it may resume work. An office building may certainly make use of such a filtration system so cleaner, healthier water is available.

And a high quality office water cooler may make use of clean water, depending on the brand and its features, so when an office intends to buy a water cooler, it can compare different models and find the right one for the right price. A commercial water cooler should have the proper filters to ensure that only clean, safe water is dispensed, and the coffee maker in the break room should also only have clean water poured into it for everyone’s coffee. Water in another beverage is still water, after all, and a small appliance like a coffee maker should help promote office health. Water for tea should similarly be clean and free of contaminants like hard water or bacteria.

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