From Ice Cream to Frozen Yogurt The Love For Frozen Dessert In America

Frozen dessert. We all know it. We love it. The best frozen dessert is had on a hot summer day (or night). It’s the perfect contrast to the weather outside, the perfect amount of sweetness. For some people, the perfect frozen dessert is ice cream. For others, it’s frozen yogurt. For still more, its gelato cups. But no matter what type of frozen dessert it is that you prefer, there is no doubt about it that frozen desserts of all varieties are widely loved not only here in the United States but all around the world.

Here in the United States, however, it’s ice cream that takes the cake (so to speak) as the number one favorite frozen dessert, much loved and enjoyed as other types of frozen desserts still are. In fact, the typical person living in the United States, adult and child alike, will eat more than twenty eight servings of ice cream on a yearly basis – and some people will eat even more than that. And over the course of any two weeks, up to nearly half of all people in this country alone (forty percent of American residents, to be a little bit more exact) will consume ice cream.

But most Americans don’t discriminate when it comes to their frozen dessert and their consumption of its various forms, from ice cream cups to frozen yogurt cups. In fact, up to one and a half billion tons of the stuff are sold throughout this one country alone each and every year. And more than eighty five percent of all families will have some kind of frozen dessert at least once over the course of the week, if not more frequently than that (especially during those hot summer months).

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream and gelato, consider frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is on the rise as a popular frozen dessert here in the United States. Currently, more than two thousand and five hundred frozen yogurt stores have opened across the country and for many people they are a better way to indulge while watching their weight or just what types of foods they are consuming in general. For many people, frozen yogurt is just as delicious as ice cream and, as many frozen yogurt shops offer the option to put on your own toppings, can even include a full serving of fruit or two, something that you typically can’t really do with the vast majority of ice creams.

And ice cream and frozen yogurt and gelato alike all come in a wide variety of flavors. Vanilla is by and large the most popular flavor out there when it comes to ice cream and other such frozen treats, but flavors like strawberry and chocolate and even mint chocolate chip are still hugely popular as well. Many frozen treat companies have even branched out into speciality flavors, as have a number of ice cream shops.

And you can eat ice cream and other frozen desserts in so many ways as well. The ice cream sundae, for example, is one such popular way of doing so, ice cream fancily dressed up with things like banana and nuts and chocolate sauce. Caramel sauce is also common for ice cream toppings, as is strawberry sauce and any variety of sprinkles (often tasteless but adding a fun and colorful pop to any dessert, frozen or otherwise).

Of course, milkshakes are also popular, and commonly eaten alongside a meal – though they can most certainly be eaten on their own as well. Milkshakes are often thick and rich, a decadent treat that just about anyone will enjoy. And milkshakes are likely to be available just about anywhere you go, from the nearest fast food restaurant to sit down restaurant, a higher level of dining establishment. No matter where you drink your milkshake, however, it’s likely to be delicious no matter what.

There are many ways to enjoy a frozen dessert, from going to an ice cream parlor to eating it straight out of a carton in your own home. From fro-yo to gelato, the options are endless.

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