How Do Wasabi Producers Grow Wasabi?

Have you ever pondered the cultivation of wasabi? The video above features a reporter delving into the intricacies of this highly prized and scarce plant/food item. She provides a detailed walkthrough of the growing process. Let’s explore the workings of this procedure.

To begin the reporter explains that this plant is only grown in specific conditions and is limited due to its specific growing requirements which is why it costs so much. She is in Shizuoka to show the history of this plant/food and exactly how it is processed.

Video Source

To do this she interviews Takamura who is an 8th generation wasabi producer. Who takes her through the process of growing and harvesting Wasabi. He describes how the wasabi producers plant the wasabi with the use of flowing water. Then they flatten the ground in which they add the wasabi seeds. As with any farming, weeds play a huge part and need to be pulled so that the wasabi plant can grow. 

This process of growing and harvesting wasabi has been passed down from generation to generation. It can be noted that wasabi may be an expensive luxury to some. But it is a lively hood to others. It is a plant/food product that will be able to be used in the culinary arts for many years to come.

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