How To Age Your Own Whiskey

Have you always wanted to age your own whiskey? Orlin Sorenson, the co-founder of Washington’s Woodinville Whiskey Co., shows you how in this informative video. While most whiskey found in America, Scotland, and Ireland is typically aged in a fifty-three-gallon oak whiskey barrel or larger, the half barrel Woodinville’s kit includes means the whiskey has greater contact with the wood. This accelerates the aging process.

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Aging whiskey in the comfort of your home is not only doable but quicker!

After filling the barrel with warm water, Sorenson recommends storing the barrel somewhere where the probability of leaking won’t cause damage. Once you’ve noticed the barrel is finished leaking, and it may not leak at all, pour the water out. Then, fill the barrel with the two bottles of 110 proof unaged whiskey that Woodinville’s aging kit includes. Top the barrel off with filtered water, which takes the proof down to a palatable drinking level. Make sure the bung is sealed and that no alcohol can escape. Store it at room temperature – nothing too hot or too cold. Taste as you go until you’re content with its flavor. In this video, Sorenson aged the whiskey for three months. Cheers!.

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