Three Reasons Why Golf is the Ideal Sport to Help Relax

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Many people play golf because they find it a great way to get exercise, while being outside and enjoying the natural beauty. Some people even make a point to vacation at places that offer well-known golf courses, so they can enjoy playing their favorite sport in different parts of the country. Golf has become popular since its inception in The United States, with over 900 golf courses in place by the year 1900. Even if one doesn?t belong to a golf association, and sticks to public golf where non-members can play, here are three benefits to playing golf, and why it is the ideal sport to help individuals stay in good health, both mentally and physically.

Golf Can Allow Individuals to Make the Most of Beautiful Weather

Everyone wants to make the most of enjoyable weather, and be outside as much as possible. Unlike some hobbies, golf courses are the perfect place to enjoy spring, summer, and even fall, for as long as possible. From the laves changing colors, to new life blooming, when one?s favorite hobby involves being on an 18-hole golf course, they are sure to enjoy being outdoors while doing the one thing they love the most. Public golf courses can be just as lovely as private ones, and allow individuals to test them before they decide to become members.

Golf is Ideal For the Whole Family

Although golf was once though of as a game for men, it has become a sport that the whole family enjoys getting in on. Over 20% of golfers are women, with some accompanying their husbands on the course, while others just enjoy the chance to relax, and get away from stress at home or the workplace. Golfing can be a fun opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals, with some families even having tournaments against one another. Public golf courses are a great way to find others to team up with, and bring family and friends together.

Golf Allows Individuals To Exercise in a Relaxing Manner

Many people do not think of golf as strenuous exercise that one would normally associate with running, basketball, or other such sports. However, it does offer many benefits when it comes to burning calories and staying fit. A man who weighs just under 200 pounds can burn over 400 calories, as long as he walks rather than uses a golf cart, and carries his clubs as he plays. Because of the walking and lifting associated with this, it is a good form of exercise that people are not always aware of. When on a public golf course, it is beneficial to forgo a caddy, and save money by not using a golf cart. Instead, make a point to walk everywhere, and see how many calories get burned after playing a golf tournament.

For exercise and fun that is unlike any other hobby, take a trip to a public golf course, and see how much fun can be had. From meeting new people to burning calories and appreciating the sport in different settings, there is plenty of adventure to be found when playing golf.

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