What Can You Learn From a Real Barbeque Pitmaster

There is no doubt that barbecue is the original American cuisine. This video shows pitmasters from barbecue joints around the south. Learn what inspired them to be pitmasters, how they control their pits, and what it takes to be a pitmaster.

A pitmaster does not have an easy job. They rise earlier than most people to start their fires and prepare for the day.

Video Source

This video from Southern Living will provide you with an entirely new perspective of what a pitmaster is all about. You may even learn some tips and tricks that you can apply in your backyard cookouts. This insider look at pitmasters from across the south will help you to understand how these chefs move through their days and what they think is the most important factors for cooking the perfect meat.

With this video you will learn what wood they use in their pits, and what they think is the most important thing they do to create cuisine that people line up for. This is a feel-good video that will leave you hankering for a slab of ribs cooked to perfection by an experienced pitmaster.


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