Do You Love Food? Do You Know Where To Get More?

Oct 25 2013

Farmer markets

What kind of Food Network local broadcasting do you watch? What interests you when it comes to watching the Food Network locally? Some people only watch it for the reality shows and the competitions. And there are some great ones on there. But there is so much more when it comes to the Food Network, and food in general. Break out of your comfort zone when it comes to your watching habits, and try something new.

  • Why Is Food Important?
  • There are a lot of cooking shows out there that really stress the importance of food. It is not just about cooking food for supper every night. Food is a communal experience. It brings family and friends together to share in that one thing that they can all agree on.

    Being able to cook, even on a basic level, allows you to communicate in that way wi

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Why Should You Buy Locally? Three Options and Reasons to Avoid the Big Supermarkets

Sep 23 2013

Farm markets

Did you know that the average American meal travels for about 1,500 miles before it arrives on your plate? There are a lot of reasons this is not ideal. Not only does it increase our carbon foot print, or how much carbon dioxide emissions our purchases contribute to the atmosphere, but it can also lead to lower quality foods. Because fruit, for example, has to travel long distances, it is often picked while still unripe, then gassed to ripen it after transportation. Tired of being a part of this? Here are three solutions for learning to eat locally grown foods.

1. Farmer Markets

Most communities both large and small support a local farmer’s market, and this can be a great way to get produce that is both cheap and locally grown. Not only will you cut down on your footprint, but you also get a c

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Three Excellent Reasons to Skip the Supermarket, and Find a Farmer

Aug 26 2013

Organic farmers market

Local, natural, free range, organic, fair trade, all these words get thrown around so often that it can be easy to forget about what they truly mean. Buying and eating local means to seek out food that is grown in your community. For example, if you live in a temperate climate, it might mean buying tomatoes from a local farmer instead of ones from the supermarket. Supermarket produce is usually imported from across the country, or from some other country altogether.

There are many excellent reasons to eat local, but here are the big three.

1. It is easy!

CSA, also known as Community Supported Agriculture farms, and farmer markets make it easy for you to find local fruits, vegetables, meat, and other products. Depending on where you live, you may also find it easy to get local foods year round. Cali

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Buying Food Does Not Always Have to Feel Like a Chore

Jul 26 2013

Market place foods

Many individuals spend all week looking forward to the weekend only to realize that, on at least one of the days, they will not be able to do anything fun because they have to run errands and go grocery shopping for their family. However, fresh food markets provide an opportunity to combine the two. Going to the grocery store is a hassle, and pushing through crowded aisles and waiting in line at the cashier is never any fun. In order to avoid those problems, many individuals will want to do their shopping in the fresh air and laid back atmosphere of farmer markets.

Despite constant efforts by management teams to make their supermarket feel more fun, grocery stores still feel like grocery stores. While there are probably more items there than at a fresh food market, for most, shopping for food always feels

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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Deep Frying?

May 21 2018

Americans tend to love their fried food. It’s delicious, it’s iconic, and it makes some of your favorite foods even more delicious, as anyone who’s been to a State Fair can attest. But for those with health concerns, deep fried foods may not be on the menu. The question is, should they be?

Although the concept of “healthy deep frying” may be a bit of a stretch, there are ways to make this process a whole lot healthier. Cooking with peanut oil, for example, is an excellent option for making fried food a bit more health-conscious. Not only can peanut oil safely be stored for six months to one year, providing it’s capped tightly and stored away from heat and light, but it also provides a host of benefits that you might not have been aware of.

Health Benefits of Cooking with Peanut Oil

First, when you use peanut oil for frying and other cooking methods, you’re adding “good” fats into your diet. Instead of containing saturated fat, refined and organic peanut oils contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Vegetable oils, along with foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and seafood, are a great way for your body to benefit from these fats. In other words, cooking with peanut oil shouldn’t produce the same level of health guilt you might experience when eating foods cooked in animal fat. Studies have actually found that subjects on a moderate fat diet that included peanut oil actually lost weight. While you certainly shouldn’t deep fry everything on your plate at every meal, there isn’t that much of a nutritional difference in terms of fat content when you deep fry, say, a turkey instead of roasting it.

There are also heart benefits that accompany cooking with peanut oil. Those unsaturated fats we mentioned above? Those are the kind of fats you need to improve your cholesterol and overall heart health. People who maintain a diet that gets half its fat from peanut oil have been found to improve their cholesterol levels. Peanut oil actually provides similar heart health benefits to olive oil. In fact, it’s even better in some ways. A study conducted at SUNY Buffalo found that peanut oil contains more phytosterols than olive oil, making it a great choice for heart health. Phylosterols also have been found to protect against cancer and tumor growth. Finally, peanut oil is also a good source of vitamin E, adding to its overall health benefits.

If you have a peanut allergy, you might assume that you can’t take advantage of all the peanut oil uses in your own diet. But highly refined peanut oil does not contain peanut allergens. That means you can safely enjoy food products cooked in refined peanut oil without worrying about a reaction, even if you are severely allergic.

Although deep fried foods shouldn’t be an everyday staple, it’s important to understand that foods fried in peanut oil can be a part of a healthy diet.

Practical Benefits of Peanut Oil

We outlined a number of potential health benefits of peanut oil in the section above. However, whether you prefer cooking with organic peanut oil or some other type of oil, you should know that there are actually a number of practical benefits to cooking with peanut oil as well. For amateur foodies and full-time chefs who are looking for a healthier way to enjoy deep fried foods, here are two more benefits of this versatile material.

Peanut oil actually has a higher flash point than many other common cooking oils. Peanut oil’s flash point is about 600 degrees fahrenheit (315 C), and its smoke point is also unusually high. In fact, these properties are what make peanut oil the safest option for deep frying turkeys.

Second, peanut oil can be reused more often than your typical cooking oil, which means you can get more uses out of it. This means its a safe, heart healthy, and sustainable cooking oil.


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Catering Your Special Event the Right Way

May 09 2018

Planning a special event can be an exciting, interesting endeavor. Yet as for how enthralling it can be — taking the time to consider the location, event aesthetic, and more — it can similarly prove to be stressful. Unless you have background in the food industry and/or food knowledge, it can be difficult to structure event menus. So what is it that goes into constructing special event menus, and what should you know about the process?

First of all, constructing a menu for your event particularly depends upon the type of event you are having — menu for weddings will be very different from corporate menus. You need to consider the formality of your event, along with its location. Menus for a wedding can tend to be more exciting/different than corporate event menus: Think of your guest list and the type of people you are catering to.

In the case of

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A-Maize-ingly Great Gift Ideas for Every Popcorn Lover

Apr 27 2018

Popcorn can be the preferred choice of many expert snackers and isn’t just a treat for theater patrons.

Though popcorn is commonly associated with movie theaters and sometimes sports events, only 30% of popcorn is consumed in places other than the home.

That doesn’t mean you can only eat at home or in a theater, however. There are numerous occasions to not only eat popcorn but to gift it as well.

Most people are familiar with gourmet popcorn gifts, but a good edible gift of popped corn doesn’t always have to be gourmet. There are numerous occasions to get creative with your popcorn gifts.

Movie Basket

No, not to take to the movies — for home movies. With all the cinephiles in the world who watch endless hours of film at their own abode, a movie gift basket can be quite the gift. Fill the basket with a few of their favorite films and a night’s worth of popcorn. You can do a variety pack with a couple of different flavors or just pick their favorite and load them up.

About Ready to Pop

Going to a baby shower or gender reveal party? Bring along a gift basket with pink or blue colored popcorn in honor of the new addition. You can add other items to the basket as well such as pacifiers, teething rings, or other gifts for the baby. Make sure mommy knows that popcorn is all hers, though.

Thank You For Your Service

Is someone you know serving their country? Maybe you’re just trying to boost the spirit of the troops. In either case, popcorn is lightweight and inexpensive to ship (not to mention delicious), making it a great care package for the men and women serving the country.

College Dinner

If your child, niece, nephew, or whoever is starting off their journey into higher education, then they’re about to go on the college diet: whatever, whenever. Long nights of studying can mean they don’t get to the cafeteria or have to order in. Enough popcorn for a semester and a few energy drinks is a great sending-off gift for any college student.

Gift giving can be difficult; make it simple by giving the gift that everyone loves (even if it’s a little corny).

Are You An Expert On Ice Cream? Check Out These Fun Facts On America’s Favorite Frozen Dessert

Apr 20 2018

Colored spoons

Are you an expert on ice cream? Not so fast! This is one of America’s favorite frozen treats, after all, and its history is almost as fascinating as the hundreds of flavors it comes in.

With summer nearly here and shops scrambling to satisfy their customers’ voracious appetites, it pays to be in the know about what makes some desserts more appealing than others. Frozen treats are wonderful for both their incredible flavor and ability to cool a person down on a hot day, coming in just enough varieties to satisfy just about any appetite. From frozen yogurt’s low calorie count to Read more ...