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Do You Love Hispanic Postres? Learn About Tres Leches Cake

Feb 12 2014

Tamale recipe

As the Hispanic population has grown in the United States, so, too, has the popularity of different Hispanic foods. According to IBIS World, Americans’ growing love of Hispanic food, whether it’s flan or empanadas, continues to have a hugely beneficial economic impact in the States. In fact, 31,000 Mexican restaurants exist in the United States, generating over $31 billion in annual revenue. Further, Hispanic markets selling everything from ingredients for tamales to those for arroz con pollo contribute to a $28 billion ethnic supermarket industry.

Among the most well known Hispanic foods are postres, desserts. Churros and fla

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What is Hummus?

Feb 06 2014

What is hummus

Are you one of the many people who enjoy the exotic flavors of hummus? If you are, you may be wondering just what is hummus. Hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas, which make up the base for hummus. The complete name for this tasty snack is “hummus bi tahini”, which translates into “chickpeas with tahini”.
So just what is hummus and what are its ingredients. Of course, there are the mashed or pureed chickpeas. Then there is the tahini, which is actually a paste made from sesame seeds. Additional ingredients in what is hummus include lemon juice, salt, garlic, and olive oil.
When discovering just what is hummus, you may be surprised at just how nutritious it is. This tasty dip is a great source of protein and dietary fiber from the chickpeas. The tahini is an excellent source of the amino acid methionine. Humm

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