Choosing The Right Food And Hygiene Course

Food protection certificate

The CDC’s 2011 Estimates for Foodborne Illness reports that eight common pathogens cause the largest majority of deaths, hospitalizations, and illnesses in foods. With the right food and sanitation training you can ensure your staff members have a food handling certificate that helps them learn about how to deal with food the right way. Look for a restaurant food safety course that can give you and your team members a food handling certificate so that you can safeguard the foods you serve to customers.

Commercial kitchens need to follow the FIFO rule of first in, first out, to make sure food is fresh and safe. A food and hygiene course or food handling course can be found easily because of how common restaurant jobs are. 50 percent of adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point and 33 percent said that a restaurant job was the first employment position they ever had. There are several important principles that you can learn from a food and hygiene course, like the fact that eating and drinking in a kitchen is a violation of health code regulations and all meals must be consumed in an employee break room.

Choose a food and hygiene course that can help you understand important concepts that you need to know about food. For example, refrigerating perishable food slows down bacteria growth but does not totally stop it. Ensure that your team members are trained in how to handle all kinds of food so that you can serve safe dishes to customers.

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