Do You Utilize This Lesser-Known Costco Service?

Costco is one of America’s favorite big-box stores. The wholesale retailer is known far and wide for their extended selection and one-dollar hot dogs. In addition to the countless aisles of products, they also sell all of their products in bulk, saving you a ton of money. In order to access the deals at Costco, you need to sign up for a membership. With this membership, you get access to all of the things that the wonderful store has to offer, and many would argue that it is an obvious investment.

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However, did you know that a Costco membership includes complimentary bottled water deliveries? In this video, we will look at the extent of this service.

Members need only buy a minimum of $12 worth of water to have free water delivery to their homes. They can either buy small water bottles, or 3-5 gallon bottles for office dispensers. This service is completely free for members, but isn’t run by Costco itself. It operates under the management umbrella of the Nestle company. Additionally, different waters may not be available due to the location of your home. Do you use Costco’s water delivery service?


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