Lucalis Rise to Brooklyn Pizza-Making Glory

When you think of Brooklyn cuisine, you probably think of one word: “pizza.” Pizza has been a staple of New York City for decades, so you can’t leave the Big Apple without getting at least a slice! Lucali has been a key player in the Brooklyn pizza game for a long, long time. You may be asking yourself, “is Lucali pizza really that different from other pizza restaurants in New York City?” Well, this video gives us an inside look on why Lucali has absolutely annihilated the world of Brooklyn pizza.

When Mark opened Lucali in 2006, he hardly expected to receive the praise for his pizza that he did. Nowadays, people line up down the block and around the back to get a pizza from the famed restaurant.

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Celebrities including Jay-Z have visited his small shop, and he continues to host hundreds of hungry customers a night. With no culinary experience whatsoever, Mark has created a masterpiece of a pizzeria in the heart of Brooklyn. If you want to get a spot at this restaurant, you are going to have to get there super early and develop a strategy, since there are no reservations.


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