Italian Bistros And Mexican Restaurants Which Ethnic Cuisine Is Most Popular In America?

A restaurant is only as good as its equipment.

Although you can be tempted to save on cash by using up your appliances to the furthest of their ability, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. An electric meat grinder that can’t handle a large volume or a commercial dough mixer that’s worn out will only cost you more money in the long-term. You use up more of your employees’ energy, you use up precious minutes that could be spent on multi-tasking and, overall, craft a less-than-savory experience for your customers. In 2018 and beyond you need to set yourself up for success by eliminating what just doesn’t cut it…literally!

The American restaurant industry is only getting better from here. This is how you keep up.

Americans Love Casual Fine Dining

When someone is in the mood for a delicious meal that doesn’t cost too much, fast casual or casual fine dining is often what comes to mind. The American restaurant industry has hit an annual sales point of $780 billion across multiple sectors. One study stressed at least 35% of Americans will visit casual dining restaurants once a week, which is good news for your establishment if you’re trying to curry more repeat visitors. For the Mexican restaurants and Italian bistros out there, keep reading…

Mexican, Italian And Chinese Food Are Always Popular

…because customers want to see what you’re offering! Today there are more Mexican restaurants than Italian bistros and Chinese kitchens combined, remaining the most popular ethnic food in the United States by a landslide. Don’t count out the other two, though, as a Harris Poll revealed pizza to be Americans’ number one favorite comfort food to date. Commercial meat grinders for sale should be among your top priority for a variety of reasons, though just keeping up with the influx of customers wanting tasty ethnic dishes is good enough.

More Customers These Days Want Good Meat

Did you know Americans around the country are starting to lean toward meat? A recent report by the research and advisory firm Rabobank projects that, by the time 2018 draws to a close, meat consumption will reach levels of more than 200 pounds a year per capita. This is great news for chicken rotisseries and seafood shacks, but only if you buy an electric meat grinder or electric meat cutter that can keep up. Failing to use equipment that’s sharp and flexible will end up costing you a lot in the long-term, sacrificing your customers’ faith in your business for short-term gain.

Poor Commercial Restaurant Equipment Will Cost You

Multiple industries are doing very well. It’s up to you to go the extra mile and buy the commercial meat tenderizer that can hold up to the task. The American commercial bakery market, in particular, has shown pretty steady growth these past few years. It expanded from an already impressive $25 billion back in 2008 to well over $30 billion in 2014. Alongside your new electric meat grinder you should consider a commercial dough mixer to make those pizzas both look and taste better. Consider that it takes up to 25 minutes to knead dough by hand, but takes less time with a good mixer.

General Maintenance Is Easy With These Daily Tips

Once you buy a commercial bakery mixer or electric meat grinder that can work just as fast as your customers’ appetites, your next order of business is maintenance. According to the USDA, your cutting boards, utensils and countertops can be sanitized with a solution of one tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach in a gallon of water. Keeping everything cold is also one of the most important things you can do to maintain the integrity of your meat grinder. Serious Eats released a how-to stressing putting your meat grinder and all its parts (excluding the motor) in the freezer one hour before grinding.

People want good food and they want it now. Set yourself up for success and make sure your equipment is good to go!

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