Meat You Should Never Buy According to a Butcher

There are dozens of food-borne diseases caused by meat. Even with the best cooking procedures, there is still an off chance that the meat you buy may be contaminated. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point are one of the bodies responsible for meat inspection in the past 20 years. These experts have a list of criteria to help you evaluate quality and safety. When buying meat, butchers recommend certain cuts that have the best balance between steak and fat. This video outlines the meat cuts you should never buy and why.

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The aim is to find a cut that blends flavor and tenderness. An example is the hanger steak. This variety defines quality at the peak of its powers. The hanger steak comes from the lower belly and has a rich beefy flavor. Other cuts as the tenderloin and the round steak do not offer this quality. The New York Steak and Pork ribs are also varieties that butchers discourage. Some good cuts include tri-trips and skirt steaks. Note that the cheapest and most readily available meat varieties aren’t always the best.

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